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Todays Correio de Manha

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Todays Correio de Manha

Post by Guest on 03.05.11 15:48

Print edition

May 3, 2011
Madeleine McCann disappeared four years ago. Casal noted the girl three months after she was born, and the Judicial Police, never explained why

Today, 10h26m

Maddie parents have not registered at birth
It was recorded three months after birth and a third celebrating the anniversary date

I hope Carolina doesn't mind me sharing this she posted on MM...

According to the Correio da Manhã today (only available in the paper edition), Maddie was born on 12 March and her birth was only registered on 5 June and her birthday is celebrated on 12 May. Very strange and the PJ never really obtained an explanation from the McCanns about this. They believed at first that this was due to the fact that Gerry was not the father but the DNA tests proved that this was not the case. This DNA test was done with a hair assumed to be from Maddie and which was found in her bedroom in Rothley. The PJ in the end assumed that the delay in registering Maddie was due to formalities with the artificial insemination.

Also, the hypothesis that she was slow in talking was also brought up but the mother denied this.

Just another of the many unexplained mysteries in this case. Curiouser and curiouser

Sorry, this is such a mess, but it doesn't let you copy and paste as before. I don't understand how to use it yet!!

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Re: Todays Correio de Manha

Post by PeterMac on 03.05.11 15:56

Can this possibly be true ? I rather doubt it actually, but the birth certificate must be somewhere.



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Re: Todays Correio de Manha

Post by soulthief on 03.05.11 17:04

Isn't it law that Births are registered within 6 weeks of birth?


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Re: Todays Correio de Manha

Post by Guest on 03.05.11 23:04

Parents did not register Maddie at birth

3 May 2011 | Posted by Joana Morais

Mystery · English girl disappeared precisely four years ago

· She was registered three months after being born and her birthday was celebrated at a third date

by Paulo Marcelino

Today is four years since Madeleine McCann disappeared from a tourist resort where she was on holidays with her parents and friends in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Algarve. The judicial process continues archived without the mystery being solved, between the thesis of kidnapping, homicide and accidental death - and the police still does not have an answer by the McCann couple: Why was the English girl only registered three months after being born and why did they celebrated her birthday in a different date.

Maddie disappeared from the bedroom where she slept with her twin siblings, Sean and Amelie, on the night of 3 May 2007. The date of birth in her passport - the only identity document given by the family to the Judiciary Police - is May 12, 2003 and that is the day when the parents celebrate the birthday of their missing daughter. However, in accordance to a document of the Leicestershire police - area of residence of the McCann family in England - which was given to the PJ 15 days after her disappearance, Madeleine McCann was born on March 12, 2003 and was registered by her parents on June, 5 of that same year.

Given the difference of three months between the birth and the registration, the same report alerted to the possibility of the girl having another father. But DNA tests would confirm Gerry's paternity. Maddie's sample, the one used for the tests performed in an English laboratory, was a hair taken from her room in Leicestershire, assumed to being hers since it was proven that it didn't belong to her younger siblings.

The parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, never explained the differences in the birthday dates and the anniversary, and why they took three months to register the girl. Sources close to the investigation assured to CM that there were never answers to those questions.

The investigators ended up assuming that the delay in the registration was possibly related with formalities related to the artificial insemination.


'Madeleine' book
It will be launched in Portugal, on the 23rd, the book 'Madeleine' written by the mother. The profits will go to the parents' fund.

Speech profile
The speech profile of Madeleine done at the time admitted the possibility of a learning disability. The mother denied.

in Correio da Manhã, 3 May 2011, paper edition - online in Portuguese here

Update: For reference, bellow is the alleged Madeleine McCann birth certificate which states that Madeleine was born on the 12 May 2003, in the Royal Infirmary of Leicestershire (click on the image)


I have not copied the birth certificate or passport etc, these can be seen here on Joan'a blog.


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Re: Todays Correio de Manha

Post by littlepixie on 03.05.11 23:41

I know of two different people whose birth records were definitely altered from the original. One was born while the birth parents were still married to other spouses and re-registered a couple of years later when the couple married after their divorces (reason done was to hide the mothers former married surname) The other was when a single mother got married and changed her childs name to her new husbands name. Reason done was to fool the child into thinking the new husband was her birth father. The records office called it "adoption" and said that the birth fathers permission had been sought for the change.
Both of these are people in their 30s to 35s. Dont know if it is the same in more recent times.
If not a mistake or typo then it is interesting that Madeleine could have been registered or re-registered a while after her birth.

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