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T:  "You cannot trump the wishes of the parents" Mm11

T:  "You cannot trump the wishes of the parents" Regist10

T: "You cannot trump the wishes of the parents"

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T:  "You cannot trump the wishes of the parents" Empty T: "You cannot trump the wishes of the parents"

Post by Guest on 07.03.11 12:56

said Sir Christopher Meyer, on the Daily Politics Show, 2nd April 2009

Andrew Neil:
“Why couldn't you stop... why... why couldn't the Press Complaints Commission stop some British newspapers from implying, almost claiming, that the McCann's had killed their missing daughter, when there wasn't an iota of evidence to show that was true and, frankly, I can't think of anything worse for parents who have lost their daughter to be accused in the tabloids of having killed her. Where was the PCC on that”?

Sir Christopher Meyer:
“The PCC was there all the time. 48 hours after Madeleine disappeared, we said to the parents - through the British Embassy in Washington - that we were here to help. This is what we can do to help you, if you so wish. We cannot be more Catholic than the Pope, more Royalist than the King”.

Andrew Neil:
"But you didn't stop it".

Sir Christopher Meyer:
"We didn't stop it because they did not want us to stop it".

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