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Transcript of Panorama

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Re: Transcript of Panorama

Post by Tony Bennett on 09.03.11 18:50

A couple of quotes from this article in the Daily Mail, 5 August 2007, made me sit up at the time I read them, highlighted in red below, perhaps there's nothing in them though. I think there were some other similar comments in other newspapers at the time:


The mother of missing Madeleine McCann has tearfully described the joy she experienced at her IVF birth after five years of trying unsuccessfully for a baby.

And, as she continues her vigil in Portugal waiting for news of her daughter, Kate McCann also revealed how she feels a sickening sense of guilt over the little girl who was snatched away from her.

In the first interview she has given without husband Gerry at her side, Mrs McCann, 39, recalled their delight - and surprise - when Madeleine was born in 2003, five years after they married.

She said: "The one thing I have always been definite about is that I want a family. I wanted to be a mother.

Then, when we were trying for a baby and it wasn't happening, it was really hard.

"The longer it went on, the harder it was. I saw my friends having children and I was really delighted for them, but it made me feel sad, too. We tried unsuccessfully for several years to conceive.

"There came a point when we admitted we needed help. I was so desperate to have a child I'd try anything. I know IVF isn't everyone's choice but I wanted to try it.

"We had one unsuccessful attempt before Madeleine and that was very hard. When I got pregnant with Madeleine it was just fantastic. It didn't seem true.

"I did a test at home so I could handle the result if it wasn't good. I was looking at it thinking, 'I don't believe that'.

"Then I went to the hospital and they checked it. I was really excited."

Missing: Madeleine McCann

Celebrating Madeleine's second birthday, Kate with her Aunt Nora

Smiling at the happy memory of her birth, she went on: "There she was - perfect. She was lovely. She had the most beautiful face."

And she revealed: "I'd thought I was going to have a boy, just based on instinct. That actually made it even more special that she was a girl. She took us by surprise."

Read more:
Tony Bennett

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Re: Transcript of Panorama

Post by Magpie on 10.03.11 0:14

@PeterMac wrote:IVF very frequently produces multiple births, because the expense involved 'forces' the people involved to use more than one fertilised egg, in case not all implant.
properly. The McCanns second IVF round did exactly that.
I would like to see exactly on a reliable statistics survey, how many IVFs are actually resulting in how many feconded positive 'result'

-in other words, the %age of how many times only ONE child results, from one IVF process in average, and how many times, 2 children, or 3 children, etc. We have seen on the news in the last 10 years many examples of numerous multiple births -as if mothers had been turned into breeding-female-cats by the magic of science.

Personally in ONE close personal contact I have, out of this couple's IVF manipulation, only ONE child came (though on another example I'm familiar to, it gave Twins) ---BUT on my CLOSE contact with the ONE CHILD result, (it's my cousin) she mentioned to me -later on- a LETTER: the equivalent of NHS in her country was actually ASKING HER AND HER PARNER, FATHER OF "THE FERTILISED EGGS", THEIR PERMISSION TO USE -OR NOT- the "waste material"!!!!!!!

-to which they replied "NO".

(but.. . I never told her that their letter-reply was probably in the bin and that they STILL experimented on their LIVE, LIVE, ex-vitro... as some of us KNOW it actually happens. See The Abortion Mill video.)

My cousin was scared of LIVE CHILDREN emerging from this action, had she given consent. What her husband and herself feared was in fact... cloning? I imagined?. They feared that later in life, if they were going abroad n a holiday with their children, their children could encouter someone who is in fact their BROTHER/SISTER.. and in all coincidence 'mate' with them. That is to say how NAIVE my cousin is, because in fact she had no idea what ELSE can be done with THEIR EMBRYOS / FOETUSES OFFSPRINGS.

The McCanns being IN the NHS industry, with a high level of protection, and even access to a PRIVATE CLINIC via Gerald's BROTHER, what could actually prevent them from 'producing' a few 'spares' now and again - and how could 'you' be actually EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED to a spare clone/ vague sibling of the real children you are raising and whom you really love?

Many elements answer YES to this hypothesis which is not only based on photos. But this is a public forum so I will NOT give any details of what other elements do exist to support it. I can only thank the person who has started this thread with the 'vague' question at the beginning.
There is never any need to say too much in public, because as you all know, the McCanns 'Industry is ALWAYS after good points of argument - OURS- to in fact find some Innocent Explanations to it, and brainwash their books and newspapers buyers into it. Mag.
CAUTION! Don't give THEM your best shots!

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