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T: The suspicious blonde man & the vanishing photo-fit

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T: The suspicious blonde man & the vanishing photo-fit

Post by Guest on 02.03.11 11:41

A man is spotted one morning leaving through the garden gate of G5B, right next door to the McCann's.

He was very blonde, age between 30-35, hair close to shaven, of pale complexion and was either British or Scandinavian.

He was not wearing spectacles or sunglasses.

When he left the rear of the apartment, he used both hands to gently open the gate, "he did this as though he wanted to make the minimum amount of noise and as if, he did not want anyone to know that he was coming or going". He then carefully looks both ways to see if anyone is passing before proceeding through the gate.

What happened next during this interview remains a mystery. The Police officer produces a photo-fit of a man he claims this woman gave, saying over and over again, this is the photo-fit that she produced.

But Carol Tranmer is very adamant that this was not the image she helped produce and that it was not the man she saw.
Her statement in full:

Who was this young man who took down her particulars on his computer posing as a Police officer? Who did he work for? What is the significance of the name Tasmin and Reading?

More importantly, where is her photo-fit now?

Why did the McCann's never mention this and question who he was?

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Re: T: The suspicious blonde man & the vanishing photo-fit

Post by Judge Mental on 02.03.11 16:19

One would have thought that the McCanns private detectives would have hammered on about this being an excellent lead. After all, this may very well have been the person who had noticed that all the Tapas 9 children were left alone every night. He could easily have contacted a group of paedophiles to come and take their pick of all the Tapas 9 children.

Obviously he could not have been the man who Tanner saw, because he was more of a '''swarthy'' type, and very unlike the Aryan specimen whom we have learned about through Tranmer.

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