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Post by Guest on 19.02.11 12:55

From Matthew Oldfield's Rogatory Interview:
"Dave and Fiona had a monitor stretched the distance across from the, their apartment to ours and it was just that as the holiday went on and you knew from better, it seemed like the sort of nice thing to do, to, offer it on that last, on the last night, but it wasn't usual routine err for us to check on each other's children, it may be different for Dave and Fiona you know Gerry and Kate better and their children better but for us it only, during the holiday it didn't seem appropriate at the beginning, it wouldn't be our natural response to do it".

From this we can establish that:

Prior to the night Madeleine went missing, everyone only checked on their own children.

The night Madeleine went missing, Matthew changed his routine.

Matthew thought "it seemed like the sort of thing to do, to, offer it on that last, on the last night".

But how did Matthew know 2 days before they were due to fly home, that this would be their last night?

Was he psychic?

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T:   Mystic Matt Empty Re: T: Mystic Matt

Post by Judge Mental on 19.02.11 16:03


Perhaps he was using poetic licence. That it was the end of a chapter and life as they knew it. Their last night of freedom, before being scrutinised for the rest of their lives.
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