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The missing item of clothing Mm11

The missing item of clothing Regist10

The missing item of clothing

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The missing item of clothing Empty The missing item of clothing

Post by Guest on 08.02.11 11:13

The missing item of clothing 01_VOLUME_Ia_Page_22

The missing item of clothing 09_VOLUME_IXa_Page_2311

Top Photo

was taken by Joao Barreiras from the Criminal Investigation Department, on the 4th May between 00.50 and 04.00 am.

Bottom Photo

was taken by the crime scene team from the Police Science Laboratory, later on that day at 15.30 pm.

Sometime between 4am and 3.30 pm, Kate and Gerry’s bedroom undergoes a few changes. An item of clothing and a black cable is removed and a white towel is left on the bed. The dog searches happened at 02.00 am and again at 08.00 am. We know that at least one of the dogs was given a white towel to search for Madeleine.

João Franciso Páscoa Luis Trigo Barreiras

Is a PJ Deputy Specialist and works with the Criminal Investigation Department in Portimao. His professional responsibilities are to carry out examinations at crime scenes, such as detecting finger prints, biological examinations as well as the identification, signalling and collection of other traces. He is also responsible for making photographic reports and sketches. The inspector who accompanied him was Vitor Martins, who took notes. When they arrived at the scene, they found several people already there, such as GNR officers and the head of the Lagos GNR station. When they arrived no care had been taken by anyone to preserve the crime scene. One GNR officer told him that they had already searched for the girl in the wardrobes and other places in the apartment without taking any care as to leaving their own traces, or for destroying any traces that might be of interest to the investigation. He requested that the babies were moved from their cots and for everyone to leave the apartment. The crime scene was then isolated. The witness carried out finger print testing on the inside of the bedroom window, where the girl had been sleeping, leaving other examinations for the following day given that on that occasion these tests could not be carried out in the best technical conditions. For this reason, the apartment and the surrounding area was sealed off and watched over by the GNR officers who remained on site. As far as he knows, after his first examination, other members from the finger print detection service and also officers from the LPC Crime Scene arrived on the scene. He remained on the scene until about 04.00 am.

Vitor Manuel Martins

Is an inspector with the PJ and currently works at the Porto PJ Directorate. He arrived on the scene at about 00.40/00.50., where he found different persons, including the friends of the girl’s parents, who were immediately asked to leave the apartment, in order to preserve the scene. He states that upon leaving the apartment, it was left locked and guarded by the GNR officers.

Did Joao Barreiras or Vitor Martins remove the item off the bed before they left? I somehow doubt that very much.

Did any of the Portuguese detection dog searches account for the items removed? I don't think so. Why would they be given an adult piece of clothing to search for a missing child? It could explain though how the white towel ended up on the bed. If so, it is interesting that the towel and the dog ended up in Kate and Gerry's bedroom.

The only conclusion I can make is that someone gained access before the LPC Crime Scene arrived and took the black cable, most likely a phone charger and the beige item of clothing off the bed at the same time. But what was this item of clothing?

The Trousers v Cardigan argument

If you lay out a pair of trousers and a cardigan on a flat surface, you will get a better idea of how different both garments are and the amount of material that is required to make up the arms/legs, plus the rest of it. It is the material that is left after you remove the arms or legs, that will help you to identify this item. Both the seat of the pants in trousers and a cardigan have a front and back section. But, you approximately need twice or more material to make up the front and back of a cardigan, than you do for the seat of a pair of pants.

Looking closely at that item on the bed and excluding all limbs, there is not a lot of material left for it to be a cardigan in my opinion. Which means it must have been a pair of beige trousers.

What we should also consider.

Martin Smith from Ireland, made a statement claiming that he saw a man who he is 60% - 80% sure, was Gerry McCann carrying a child in his arms just before the alarm was raised, wearing a pair of beige trousers.

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