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Hearken ye to Daoud’s words of warning about the use of the word ‘relief’

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Hearken ye to Daoud’s words of warning about the use of the word ‘relief’

Post by Tony Bennett on 11.01.11 18:44

Hearken ye to Daoud’s words of warning about the use of the word ‘relief’

A very important warning has been sounded by Daoud about the dangers of our inadvertent use of a fairly common English word, namely: ‘relief’.

His warning came amidst his ludicrous penetrating analysis of the following exchange, when ‘Tapas 9’ member Jane Tanner was discussing with Leicestershire Police Officer Sheila Ferguson what really happened on the night Madeleine disappeared - 3 May 2007.

Here is the exchange about which Daoud has showered us with a load of nonsense his pearls of wisdon.


SF: So you rushed your meal?

JT: Yeah.

SF: So you could then relieve Russell?

JT: Yeah, relieve Russell, yeah, sorry. I can see the headline there.

Some of us might think that it was at best rather juvenile of Tanner, when discussing such a serious subject, to consider that to talk about ‘relieving Russell’was somehow rather funny and might ‘make headlines’.

But Daoud has placed the blame for the emergence of this sexual innuendo, or as Daoud for some reason prefers to call it, this ‘double entendre’, exactly where it lies.

Namely, on Sheila Ferguson.

You see, he deftly, indeed brilliantly some might say, points out to us: “Who, in the above, introduced the phrase 'relieve Russell'? Knowing full well the cargo it carried”.


And this is the wonderful insifght that David has given us!!

Didn’t this - presumably experienced - police officer stop and think, even for a second, about the ‘cargo she was carrying’ by so recklessly using that word, without even thinking?

It is a vital reminder that Daoud has given us to, well, never use the word ‘relief’ without pausing, indeed pausing for serious thought, about the ‘cargo’ that that word carries.

So, for example, if you lose your purse, and then find it, think twice, or even three times, before you blurt out “I’m so relieved”.

Hearken ye to Daoud. Ponder on the cargo of that word.

Similarly, should you be anxiously awaiting a blood test, and it comes back with result which clears you of any problem, be careful before you ’phone your other half and say: “That’s such a relief”.

Hearken ye to Daoud. Ponder on the cargo of that word.

And if, for example, you’re about to stand in for someone who is on some kind of duty, and it occurs to you to say something like: “I’ll be along to relieve you in a couple of minutes”, then stop. Don’t say it.You could be talking to someone like Tanner, who could ‘just see the headline there’.

Hearken ye to Daoud. Ponder on the cargo of that word.

So, thank you so much Daoud, for giving me the best laugh I’ve had on this board since it was set up taking the time to share your concerns with us about that cargo-carrying word: ‘relief’.

So much looking forward to your next pearl of wisdom.
Tony Bennett

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Re: Hearken ye to Daoud’s words of warning about the use of the word ‘relief’

Post by kangdang on 11.01.11 21:08

laugh clapping1

Indeed, I swallow a textbook everyday….a fact of which I am proud smug By far preferable and productive than wasting precious hours concocting and launching vitriolic attacks against others in the hope of gaining a few claps on a board frequented by lesser life form.

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Re: Hearken ye to Daoud’s words of warning about the use of the word ‘relief’

Post by littlepixie on 11.01.11 21:11

Well Said Tony!

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Re: Hearken ye to Daoud’s words of warning about the use of the word ‘relief’

Post by PeterMac on 13.01.11 10:17

I was very relieved to read that.

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