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Gonçalo Amaral: "I haven't lost my dignity"

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Re: Gonçalo Amaral: "I haven't lost my dignity"

Post by YNG on 01.01.11 23:58

@Judge Mental wrote:
In all your years have you ever come across a scene where the most lowly or ordinary members of the public would not have seen fit to protect the area where they are alleging a crime has been committed? People have been known to return to an empty space where they have left their car, and not even allow themselves to stand on the tarmac from where the car had been taken from, lest their be any evidence of whomever had stolen the car. Yet amongst the Tapas 9, we have seven fully qualified doctors, of whom not one had managed to shout out to the others, that they should stay well outside the apartment until the scenes of crime officers had carried out their work. It is utterly preposterous for the nine winers and diners to try and fool us into thinking that they did not consider this immediately.

Despite all the comings and goings and sobbings and fisting of walls, very few hairs, fingerprints or skin cells were ever found in an apartment where it has been alleged, a family of two adults and three robust little children were residing for almost a week. Judging by the state of the apartment in the police photographs, one would suggest there are few signs of either McCann having a cleaning disease or a sense of looking after somebody else's property, therefore one finds it most mysterious that the police did not find the childrens fingerprints on walls and windows and doors. It is not only unlikely, but nigh on impossible to have such an immaculate apartment. unless the children were wrapped in swaddling and left in their cots.

Now, were there two cots or three? One has only noted two in the photographs. And one of those could have been dangerous for any child to have slept in, because it was not assembled properly, and would have folded into itself, had a child been placed in it laugh

And lets not forget the famous quotes ; laughat

" The twins were still sleeping in their cots. So... you'd be trying to leave it as undisturbed as possible "

" There had been quite a few people in the apartment but not into the bedroom, that was limited to myself, Kate, I think two of our friends, the two GNR officers and I think a translator. I was certainly saying to people: "Stay out of the room."


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Re: Gonçalo Amaral: "I haven't lost my dignity"

Post by laurie on 10.01.11 17:35

Gerry's statement to the Vanity Fair journalist makes more sense if the children had actually been sleeping in the other bedroom, that pictured above. “The scene was stark,” Gerry tells me. On one bed the twins lay sleeping. In the next lay only the plush cat toy Madeleine was never without."

I am quite sure that the scene in 5A was staged in some way and why not switch the bedrooms around to make it appear that all three children had slept in the other room? Why the switch-round? Something to hide, perhaps, in the room the children had been sleeping in? And not enough time to sort it out?

The above is a reconstruction from the documentary based on Gonçalo Amaral's book, although it has been said that Kate and Gerry were actually on the floor, leaning over the bed. It has also been suggested on various fora that this bizarre behaviour was designed to keep the police out of the bedroom. And why? What was in the room that the McCanns may not have wanted the police to see? Something in the wardrobe perhaps? We know that on one occasion during that week, Madeleine was said to have hidden at bedtime. Did she hide in the wardrobe and was found there by an angry parent, who wanted to get ready to go out for dinner?

And the two cots? Perhaps there had been one in each room, as the cleaner said, but not being used, hence no sheets. The twins may have been in one bed. Gerry told us that the twins had been due to go into proper beds when they went home, but suppose they had already gone into proper beds and they were definitely not going to go back into cots, especially not those travel cots, which are really too small for two-year-olds. Gerry does tend to come up with explanations for everything, where it's not always necessary and maybe he slipped up in the Vanity Fair interview. Perhaps in explaining that the two-year-olds, who were really too big for those cots, would be going into proper beds at home, he was giving a little too much information? Reinforcing the idea that they had been sleeping in the travel cots when this hadn't been the case? Also responding to the question of the twins being too big for cots, any kind of cot.

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