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No refuge in Sweden for 5 Iraqi Christians

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No refuge in Sweden for 5 Iraqi Christians

Post by Tony Bennett on 19.12.10 17:22

Sweden forcibly repatriates five Christians to Iraq, citing "situation of relative peace" in the country

Even the UN called them out on this one.

"Five Iraqi Christians seeking asylum returned from Stockholm. UN protest," from AsiaNews, December 18:

Baghdad (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Harsh criticism of the Swedish government by the United Nations Commission for Refugees after they forcibly returned five Iraqi Christians seeking asylum in Sweden. The five were part of a group of at least 20 people from Iraq. Thousands of Christians have sought a safe haven outside the borders after the massacre of 31 October in the Syrian Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Salvation.

[News report of the actual event:


The Islamic State of Iraq, al Qaeda's front organization, claimed credit for last night's massacre at a Baghdad church that killed 52 Iraqis. Al Qaeda stated that the attack at the church was launched to avenge the treatment of Muslim women in Egypt.

Al Qaeda fighters armed with suicide vests, assault rifles, and hand grenades, and wearing uniforms of a local security company, attacked the nearby stock exchange, wounding two security guards. The attack on the exchange appeared to be a feint designed to lure security forces to the area while a squad estimated at between five to eight terrorists stormed the Our Lady of Deliverance church and took 120 Christians hostage, according to the Associated Press.

Two hours later, after cordoning off the church, Iraqi security forces stormed the church, sparking a gunbattle that resulted in 52 Iraqis killed and 67 wounded. Two priests,10 Iraqi policemen, and the entire suicide squad were killed during the battle, according to reports. At least 30 of the people were killed when one of the al Qaeda terrorists either detonated his vest or lobbed hand grenades at the Christian hostages being held in the basement.

Read more:


According to unofficial sources the authorities justify the refusal by citing a situation of relative peace in the country.

Perhaps those authorities would like to go for a field trip and enjoy the "relative peace" the remaining Christians are living in.

"We have heard many stories of people fleeing their homes after receiving direct threats. Many new arrivals explain that they left Iraq for fear of an attack, after what happened on October 31," says Melissa Fleming, spokeswoman for the UN body in Geneva.

"Some might take only a few things with him," adds Fleming. The deportation of the five Iraqi Christians took place a week after a suicide bomber, born in Iraq and resident in Great Britain, blew himself up in central Stockholm.

Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the massacre in Baghdad, and said that Christians are a legitimate target. Killings and other violent incidents have followed, and according to Fleming about a thousand families have fled Baghdad to the Nineveh province in search of relative security in the Kurdish area. The UN officials in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon say that a growing number of Iraqi Christians are coming, and asking for help. In Syria alone about 133 families - 300 people - have sought refugee status in November. In Jordan, the number of asylum applications from Iraq have doubled in a month. The UN says that the return from Sweden comes at a time when officials on the spot report a growing number of cases of attacks on Christians.

Posted by Marisol on Jihad Watch December 19, 2010
Tony Bennett

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Re: No refuge in Sweden for 5 Iraqi Christians

Post by aiyoyo on 20.12.10 9:48

Who can blame the Sweden Government after the recent terrorists attack!

No matter their decision they will be damned. There is no such thing as a right decision by some people after the horrendous atrocity.

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