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More of justice being who you know and classs.

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More of justice being who you know and classs.

Post by soulthief on Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:57 am

Diplomat's son who battered labrador puppy 20 times because he was 'having a bad day' escapes jail

A diplomat's son who viciously kicked and punched his puppy because he was 'having a bad day' after being turned down for a job has narrowly avoided being locked up for the horrific attack.

Mohammed Abou-Sabaa, whose father is a prominent Tunisian official, was caught on CCTV raining down more than 20 blows on his labrador, Poppy, as she cowered in terror.

In a final, sickening, attack, the 21-year-old student was filmed kicking the blameless pet down a flight of steps outside his luxury city centre flat.

Attack: Mohammed Abou-Sabaa was caught on CCTV brutally abusing his five-month-old labrador puppy

Abou-Sabaa was seen raining down more than 20 blows on the puppy as she cowered in terror

But despite his behaviour being branded 'despicable' by RSPCA inspectors, magistrates agreed to let him walk free from court, imposing a suspended prison sentence and banning him from keeping animals for four years.

They told him they were letting him off because he was in full-time education - however it emerged yesterday he is likely to face disciplinary action from the authorities at Manchester University over his conviction for animal cruelty.

Brazen Abou-Sabaa punched and kicked the dog outside the entrance to his building, stopping when a fellow resident went indoors before resuming the unprovoked assault.

Punishment: Diplomat's son Abou-Sabaa was given a six-week sentence, suspended for two years,

An investigation was launched after the appalled caretaker saw the attack on CCTV and contacted the RSPCA.

When he appeared in court, shocked magistrates asked for the gruelling six-minute video footage to be stopped because they couldn't bear to sit through it all.

It shows the uncomprehending, mild-mannered pet cowering while Abou-Sabaa beats it ferociously, stopping only to mop his brow.

At one stage he yanks the puppy up by its neck then slaps it to the ground, also standing on the terrified dog with his full weight.

Finally he uses his knee to launch her down a stairwell.

Poppy was seized by RSPCA inspectors and has made a full physical recovery from the attack in July.

Abou-Sabaa told investigators he had been having a bad day after learning he had failed with a job application and was training the dog.

But David McCormick, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told Manchester magistrates it was a sustained and brutal attack – a 'wanton and deliberate act of cruelty.'

'The defendant was seen wiping sweat from his brow and only stopped the assault when people entered the building and then carried on when they had gone,' he added.

John Hera, defending, said Abou-Sabba had acted out of character. 'Something clicked inside him and there was lots of anger. He is full of remorse.'

Abou-Sabaa, from Manchester, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Poppy.
Magistrates decided not to jail him immediately because of his age, his guilty plea, and because he was in full-time education.

Jane Dyson, chairwoman of the bench, said: 'This is simply a terrible demonstration of cruelty to a vulnerable puppy. None of us have seen anything like it – you have just avoided prison.'

He was instead given a six-week sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to do 250 hours of unpaid work.

He was also banned from keeping animals for four years and told to pay £1,000 costs.

Afterwards RSPCA inspector Paul Heaton said: 'It was a despicable act. I was incensed when I saw the video – it just went on and on.

Recovered: Poppy the labrador has now made a full recovery and the RSPCA is trying to rehome her

'He said he had applied for a job apparently and had not got it and he was having a bad day.

'I do not know of any training school that says that smacking a dog is a way of training it.'

Abou-Sabaa's father, a Tunisian diplomat, travelled from his home country to hear the case.

He said afterwards: 'I have had words with my son and my family and I want to apologise for what he did.'

Abou-Sabaa is studying mechatronics - a combination of engineering and electronics.

While a criminal conviction for animal cruelty doesn't automatically bar him from the course, he could be suspended for bringing the university into disrepute.

A spokesman for Manchester University said: 'We are looking into this case.'
Poppy is being looked after by the RSPCA and is likely to be rehomed in the new year after the court signed her over to their care.
Mr Heaton added: 'Poppy is fine now. She is doing okay.

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Re: More of justice being who you know and classs.

Post by soulthief on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:01 am

If this were your average Joe Soap's son, he would have undoubtedly got a prison term, the good news is 4chan users have decided to go viral and take up the issue.


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Re: More of justice being who you know and classs.

Post by Cherry on Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:10 pm

FOOTBALL legend Paul Gasgoigne narrowly avoided spending Christmas in prison when he was handed a suspended sentence for drink driving while more than four times the booze limit.

The 43-year-old former England star was given an eight-week sentence suspended for a year at Newcastle Magistrates' Court this morning.
He was also banned from driving for three years and given an alcohol treatment order.
He failed to turn up at the court when he was due to be sentenced last month because he had checked himself into rehab.
He had previously admitted drink-driving after he was found to have 142mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The limit is 35mg.
After pleading guilty, Gascoigne was warned by District Judge Stephen Earl that all options "up to and including a custodial sentence" were open.
A sentence of 12 weeks could be appropriate, the judge said.
Well-wishers shouted encouragement to him, including the call "Toon Army never surrenders", and he signed autographs for a couple of fans as he was pursued on foot by around 20 photographers, cameramen and reporters.
Outside court, Mr Andrews said his client was relieved and that it was a "good result".
The court was told Gascoigne was undergoing a 12-week anti-drink programme in Dorset and he has seven weeks and five days more to complete.
He attends Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the evenings and is back at the centre by 9.30pm.
The player gave his father's address in Dunston, Gateshead, when asked by the court clerk, but the district judge was told he plans to move permanently to the South Coast.
Mr Andrews said: "The long-term plan is to find him accommodation in that area.
"The talk now is of an extensive and elongated period of support while not actually under the roof of the Providence Project, but certainly within easy reach, given the continued support they would propose to offer."
He said the rehab bosses have noticed a "massive shift" in Gascoigne's attitude towards treatment.
"Previously, it has been on his terms," he told the court. "He's gone in, he has used it as he saw fit and of course relapsed because he has not done the full programme.
"This time it has been on their terms."
Gascoigne, so thin that his gold watch was loose on his wrist, appeared nervous as the judge read a report.
Judge Earl believed a 12-week sentence, with a third off as credit for a guilty plea, was appropriate. And he suspended the sentence in recognition of his early progress in rehab. "I am sure some will disagree with me," the judge said.

He warned the player that if he reoffends in the next 12 months, the suspended eight-week jail term will be triggered.
The player was ordered to pay £85 costs, will be subject to a 12-month supervision order and must undertake a six-month drink programme after rehab.
The former Newcastle United, Spurs, Lazio, Rangers, Middlesbrough and Everton player was caught driving an MG car erratically by police in Jesmond, Newcastle, on October 8 at 2.45pm.
Judge Earl adjourned sentencing until today and warned Gascoigne's solicitor the troubled ex-footballer must appear.
A separate drink-drive charge, which Gascoigne denies, will be heard next week at Northallerton Magistrates' Court.

Another one who escapes jail.

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Re: More of justice being who you know and classs.

Post by soulthief on Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:26 pm

Drink Driving angry2 A message should have been set out that this is not on, especially this time of the year when they having a crack down on it.


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Re: More of justice being who you know and classs.

Post by soulthief on Fri Dec 10, 2010 5:15 am

Judge slams police force that let off woman superintendent caught driving at 29mph over the speed limit

Supt Helen Chamberlain, pictured arriving at court, was clocked driving at 79mph in a 50mph zone - but was told she would not be prosecuted

A judge yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on a police force after a super­intendent caught driving at 79mph in a 50mph zone was let off by a junior colleague.
Helen Chamberlain was trapped by a speed gun, but was told by the PC who pulled her over that she would not be prosecuted.
She was allowed to leave the scene after accepting a verbal warning, but was later charged with speeding after the traffic officer told his inspector and the Crown Prosecution Service reviewed the case.
Superintendent Chamberlain, 43, pleaded guilty on the day her trial was due to start.
She had originally denied the offence, arguing that the speed gun used by her Nottinghamshire force colleague was not accurate.
Sentencing her to six penalty points on her licence with £1,500 to pay in fines and costs, District Judge Tim Devas criticised her constabulary for resolving ‘serious offences’ through reprimands.
He told Nottingham magistrates: ‘The police have certain powers regarding criminal offences to make decisions regarding whether or not to prosecute, or issue a ­caution or reprimand.
‘In the year I have been in Nottingham I have been extremely alarmed by the amount of cases where officers took it upon themselves to issue cautions or deal with cases in the way this officer did.’
He said it was a 'judicial matter to deal with people who have committed serious criminal offences' and a 'matter of discretion' for the police.
And he added: ‘I hope (this case) will at least leave a message that will cascade down through all ­levels of the force that they do not make decisions like this. It was ­completely wrong and I hope they have been re-educated.’
The judge said he was sure the constable must have been under some pressure ‘with regard to who the defendant was’.
He said: ‘If it was 59mph in a 30mph zone, can you imagine in any of your wildest dreams that any of us would get off?
‘The public might think it was because of who Mrs Chamberlain was, and that does not reflect very well on Notts Constabulary.’
Superintendent Chamberlain was pulled over after a radar gun clocked her Audi at 79mph on the 50mph A6097 between Epperstone and Oxton in July last year.

'Serious offence': At an earlier hearing, the superintendent had claimed the speed gun had been faulty
Brian Gunn, prosecuting, said she apologised and claimed she ‘didn’t realise’ how fast she was driving.
The superintendent, from Harworth, Nottinghamshire, said she thought the limit was 60mph.
Under official guidelines, those caught speeding in a 50mph zone should be given a fixed ­penalty notice at 57mph or above, or a ­summons at 76mph or above.
Judge Devas agreed not to ban the officer after accepting that it would cause her ‘hardship’ due to the amount of driving she does.
Superintendent Chamberlain was fined £710 and ordered to pay £800 costs. She left court without commenting.
Nottinghamshire police said it was assessing whether internal disciplinary action was ‘appropriate’.

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Re: More of justice being who you know and classs.

Post by Cherry on Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:05 pm

they should certainly take disciplinary action against her for the very fact that she lied and tried to get out of it by saying the equipment was faulty, who wants a dishonest copper!

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