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Wikileaks - Hacktivists Attack Visa Website

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Wikileaks - Hacktivists Attack Visa Website

Post by Guest on 08.12.10 21:59

Breaking News9:57pm UK, Wednesday December 08, 2010
BREAKING: Hacktivists Attack Visa Website

Rob Cole, Andy Halls and Andy Winter, Sky News Online

Web anarchists who attacked the PayPal and Mastercard websites say they have now taken down the Visa site.

Sky News Online was redirected to the search engine Bing when it tried to access Visa.

Anon_Operation had given an hour's notice that it would take down the Visa website as part of a campaign against companies that have withdrawn services from the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

It urged supporters to "get your weapons ready" then "FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!".

Earlier attacks on Mastercard and PayPal were partially successful, affecting Mastercard's European operations.

Sam Kiley, Sky News' security editor, said: "This organisation is very aggressive.

"It's a counter attack to the suspension of WikiLeaks' services by the financial sector that supports them.

"They have attacked them to try and freeze them out of their business."

WikLeaks has released a series of embarrassing cables sent by US diplomats

Kiley said Mastercard would neither confirm or deny the attack but he knew it had taken place.

He added: "PayPal were knocked back, but not knocked out."

The attack came just a day after the same group of anarchists shut down Swiss bank PostFinance.

The bank had frozen money belonging to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange after the latest round of whistleblowing.

PostFinance's website was down for more than 16 hours in total.

The welcome al Megrahi received sparked fury in the US

Meanwhile, the latest US cables published by WikiLeaks have revealed Britain feared Libya would take "harsh and immediate action" against it if the Lockerbie bomber died in jail.

The website has pressed on with its disclosure of secret diplomatic documents despite the arrest of Mr Assange.

The latest documents claim Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi made "thuggish" threats to halt all UK trade deals if Abdelbaset al Megrahi was not freed.

The convicted mass killer was freed on compassionate grounds

Al Megrahi, who was suffering from terminal prostate cancer, was released on compassionate grounds by the Scottish government in August 2009.

The move provoked anger in the US amid rumours it was linked to lucrative British oil deals with Libya.

American fury deepened when al Megrahi received a hero's welcome on his return to the country. He is still alive more than a year later.

wow Certainly causing some anger this Wikileaks story. The peasants are revolting big grin


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