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anna raccoon and Madeleine McCann

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anna raccoon and Madeleine McCann

Post by Tony Bennett on 04.12.10 23:37

anna raccoon's real name has been well circulated round the net, but I won't mention it here. I'll just call her 'anna raccoon'. She lives in France.

She is of interest to us here because she is a blogger who constantly criticises and challenges those who question the abduction theory. She has also posted a couple of posts very hostile to Hollie Greig and her mother, Hollie being the Downs Syndrome girl who was awarded compensation by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for having been sexually abused. annaraccoon says, in terms, that Hollie and her mother are making it all up.

annaraccoon is of further interest because her best mates on the internet are folk like muratfan and bonnybraes, both of whom she regularly rubs shoulders with on JATYK. She praises muratfan. Not many bloggers out there do that.

This is not about starting a forum war or making a personal attack on annaraccoon, but in the light of her posting yesterday (3 December) on JATYK, I would like to respond with a few facts.

Here are my responses interleaved with her article:

That's not a spiel Lamplighter, that is a large dollop of hammer hitting nail firmly on head...
I make no secret of the fact that I have never made my mind up either - there are flaws in the argument on both sides...

I see no evidence that annaraccoon 'hasn't made her mind up'. The evidence is that she bitterly attacks McCann-sceptics and happily rubs shoulders with the most vehement and abusive of McCann-believers, like muratfan

, and I, for one, bitterly resent the divisive nature of Bennett's campaign.

For the record, in December 2008, shortly after '60 Reasons' was published,she translated part of '60 Reasons' for us into French. Following that, she proposed that we write a book about the case together. I offered to produce a series of possible chapter headings. very soon after I did so, her tune changed completely. I still have the e-mails which prove this correspondence.

From the very beginning he has sought to cast anyone who did not follow him absolutely, as a 'pro'McCann' and encouraged his followers to vilify them - he has, both himself, and by encouragement to his supporters sought to bring psychological pressure on anyone who did not follow him absolutely by 'outing' them.

Quite a few people on here know me by now at least to some extent. They will therefore be able to judge the validity of annaraccoon's claim for themelves. The bit about 'outing' is really very ironic since the e-mail correspondence began with an out-of-the-blue e-mail from her 'outing' Anorak poster 'colandcalm' as the little-known Essex authoress Bernadine Kennedy.

He has no interest in bringing forth the 'truth' about Madeleine, only a perverted interest in acquiring a group of followers for his theory. Preferably ones with their fingers permanently on the 'donate' button.

As above.

Should the 'truth' about Madeleine prove eventually to be far from his theories, you won't see him for dust.

As for Simon Hare 'breaking his promises' - I am speechless, three times Bennett has promised me he would not post libelous comments on websites I worked on, and three times he has broken his promise -

In fact, what happened is that annaraccoon simply decided that she would only tolerate posts sympathetic to the McCanns on her blogs.

...he attempts to bounce every web site into printing his rubbish - as he attempted to bounce the BBC. It didn't work with me, it didn't work with the BBC. It is only the weak willed obscure web sites that allow him anywhere near them.

Like your site, Jill?

As for his 'free speech' mantra, he should read the recent high court judgment regarding free speech and European law in the matter of Phil Woolas. The British High Court have as of yesterday spelled out unequivocally that free speech is only for the truth, free speech does not extend to lies or defamatory theories.

Erm, Phil Woolas deliberately and falsely accused his Liberal Democrat opponent of being actively linked to Islamist miltants, in a desperate attempt to win the white working-class vote. How this compares with questioning a very dubious claim of abduction I am not really sure.
Tony Bennett

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Re: anna raccoon and Madeleine McCann

Post by littlepixie on 05.12.10 0:03

I think the Madeleine case has attracted certain wannabe wordsmiths who see it as a last ditch chance to show off their "talent" to the crowd rather like a karaoke singer shows off their "talents" in a pub.
Where Madeleine comes into all of it I don't know.

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Re: anna raccoon and Madeleine McCann

Post by Shibboleth on 05.12.10 0:10

I don't know for exactly how long now, we have been without the 'benefits' of Anna Raccoon's blog. I do know that the sun still comes up in the morning, the world has not come to an end. Therefore it can't be that important in the grand scheme of things.

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Re: anna raccoon and Madeleine McCann

Post by soulthief on 05.12.10 1:15

exalt LMAO they are making out Tony is some kind of svengali- Like Charles Manson with the McCanns cast as Sharon Tate and co. daft1


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Re: anna raccoon and Madeleine McCann

Post by kangdang on 05.12.10 2:12

By god is that decrepit bat still lurking around churning out spiel? Still, at least she is resigned to posting in unfrequented cess pits...I think JAYTK has around 11 readers per day..mind you this is likely an increase in readership comparative to her blog.

Indeed, I swallow a textbook everyday….a fact of which I am proud smug By far preferable and productive than wasting precious hours concocting and launching vitriolic attacks against others in the hope of gaining a few claps on a board frequented by lesser life form.

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Re: anna raccoon and Madeleine McCann

Post by Judge Mental on 05.12.10 14:37

@littlepixie wrote:I think the Madeleine case has attracted certain wannabe wordsmiths who see it as a last ditch chance to show off their "talent" to the crowd rather like a karaoke singer shows off their "talents" in a pub.

@ littlepixie


This will have to go down as one of the most poignant posts of the year.

One has to say that one has the utmost admiration for bloggers who draw our attention to subjects we would never learn about. However, it is distressing to see how some bloggers simply jump onto the bandwagons surrounding high profile cases in an attempt to undo the hard work of other individuals and groups.

Judge Mental

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