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Former Police Officer's opinion: Dando, McCann and Epstein cases linked ? Mm11

Former Police Officer's opinion: Dando, McCann and Epstein cases linked ? Regist10

Former Police Officer's opinion: Dando, McCann and Epstein cases linked ?

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Former Police Officer's opinion: Dando, McCann and Epstein cases linked ? Empty Former Police Officer's opinion: Dando, McCann and Epstein cases linked ?

Post by Jill Havern on 17.07.20 11:08

Posted on facebewk by a former police officer:

My first little research project involves "national treasure" Clement Freud.
Part of the famous Sigmund Freud dynasty the family came over to the UK in the 1930s to escape Hitler's purge on the Jews.
In the second world war he ended up as a staff officer to Field Marshall Montgomery and later worked on the Nuremberg trials ,quite something given his German ( all be it Jewish) origins and he was only in his early 20s at the time.
I assume he got some sort of vetting from the intelligence services due to these positions.
He married in 1950 and worked in various upmarket hotels until eventually getting into the media politics and the academic sphere - all around the late 1960s so it seems.
He was a supportive friend to Jeremy Thorpe during the "trial of the century" when Thorpe was accused of arranging the murder of a rent boy Norman Scott - something he was perfectly obviously guilty of yet somehow walked away from.
He also shared an office with Cyril Smith.
Smith was a repulsive paedophile who had 144 separate allegations of sexual assault made against him during his lifetime which were variously covered up by Rochdale council, the police and ultimately MI5 who simply collected all the evidence and chucked it in the nearest dustbin.
He also gave a certain Rolf Harris his first break in the business.
Given his associations I find it difficult to believe the security services weren't keeping tabs on Freud by then.
As rector at Dundee University in the early 70s ( a certain Kate McCann attended and studied there in the late 1980s) he asked a colleague to "pimp " students for him to target - he would have been in his mid 50s at the time.
Whether he subsequently returned there to socialise and ever Met Kate McCann is pure conjecture but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility.
In the mid 1990s Jill Dando is supposed to have handed a dossier to someone high up in the BBC detailing a paedophile ring ,it was dismissed out of hand.
In April 1999 Dando was shot dead on a London Street near one of her homes,it is widely believed her murder was related to a paedophile ring at the BBC.
Was Freuds name on that list? Very possibly given the same team that outed Jimmy Savile ultimately outed Freud.
Moving on to Savile we have an odd Jewish connection -

SIR JIMMY SAVILE was a committed Zionist; indeed he once described himself as “the most Jewish Catholic you will ever meet”.

Savile lived in Roundhay, the heart of the Jewish community in Leeds, where he was highly active in the many local Jewish organisations. As necessitated by his work as a supreme paedophile fixer, he also spent a lot of time 'on the road', and was a frequent visitor to Jersey, Scarborough (where he had a home), Glencoe (a cottage), London (a flat), Bournemouth (a flat), Peterborough (a home), and Surrey, for example, as well as Berkshire (Broadmoor hospital) and Buckinghamshire (Stoke Mandeville hospital, where he had a flat).

The itinerant disc jockey was a ‘high-up’ in the British Westminster-VIP paedophilia and trafficking operation that elite Zionists (among others) judged as benefiting and advancing their mission.

As a mark of Sir James’ importance to the Zionist elite, Savile was afforded the rare and astonishing opportunity to advise Israel’s then- president, Ephraim Katzir. Savile addressed the Knesset during a 10-day ‘state visit’ to Israel in 1975 organised by Zionist JOHN LEVY of the Friends of Israel Educational Trust. Savile urged the Israeli government to be still more ruthless in their treatment of Palestinian Muslims.

Menachem Begin become Israel's prime minister in June 1977. Savile's friend, the late Manchester businessman Benny Sternberg, said that Savile was asked to explore the possibility of a meeting between Begin and President Anwar Sadat of Egypt. (The disc jockey was known to be friends with the family of the Egyptian president's wife; however, this fact tells us nothing about why a low-rent, sleazy British 'entertainer' with few if any academic qualifications was the Israeli government's point man for political advice, military strategy and international power brokering. It was was not because of his musical talents

In August 1999 the UK media printed some very odd claims that Mossad claimed to have "solved" the Dando Murder when some sort of gangster admitted to the killing in a wire tap , supposedly because ms Dando spurned his advances.

The Israelis later formally denied this.

Very odd indeed as in my opinion (and that's all it is) Mossad very likely killed Dando themselves fearing for the positions of the likes of Savile , Grenville Janner ,Leon Brittan and Freud himself all Jewish paedophiles or sympathisers high up in the UK establishment.

In any event partly due to the efforts of a certain DCI Redwood a certain Barry George was convicted of this offence subsequently quashed 7 years later.
I happen to have met George (unrelated to any of this) and asides from anything else he's six feet four and north of 20 stone ,if he'd been hanging around Dandos street that afternoon I think somebody would probably have noticed.

A couple of months after the "abduction" Freud contacted the McCann's and offered to cook for them.
In 2008 Clarence Mitchell took a job with Freud's sons PR company which Mitchell described as " a coincidence"
It clearly wasn't these were business meetings and business decisions aimed at dispelling the growing internet tide against the McCann's ,why they tried to dress it up as anything else is beyond me.I'll put it down to the fact the toxic ones just can't open their gobs without lying.

Well in 2016 this all came out about this man Kate McCann described as " like your Grandad"
I certainly hope not

This man was a sexual predator,paedophile and a sadistic rapist,he had been doing so like Savile and many others hiding in plain sight his entire life.It is inconceivable the security services didn't know this and highly likely the likes of Justine McGuiness ,Esther McVey and certainly Mitchell knew it also.

The McCann's ,you've guessed it were "appalled" they never asked the police to investigate this man they were just "appalled"

Now it transpires both op Grange and Op Yewtree were given details of Freud around 2012 - FOUR YEARS before the matter became public.
They are supposed to "assess" such information.

What the Hell is there to assess?
Freud's wife immediately accepted this information as gospel truth and apologized! The woman who shared his bed for nearly 60 years ( as an aside she herself had a relationship with a 16 year old boy at the age of 47) they had an "open relationship" you might call it "swinging " these days.
Could the mighty Met not have asked her? Apparently not.
There's no chance they are going to investigate Freud he's just another establishment nonce and god knows where that would lead.

Of course. There is another way of looking at it.Freud had networked the area for years and knew the go to people to set up certain modelling assignments on this occasion involving a three year old child.

When the McCann's "went native" with their abduction nonsense he ,Mitchell and Freud communications brought them back under control again.

Finally i would state my opinion that the Dando McCann and Epstein cases are linked
- they all involve VIP paedophile rings
- they all involve either the UK,USA or Israeli intelligence services
- in some cases all three of them.

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Jill Havern
Jill Havern
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Former Police Officer's opinion: Dando, McCann and Epstein cases linked ? Empty Re: Former Police Officer's opinion: Dando, McCann and Epstein cases linked ?

Post by Silentscope on 17.07.20 12:32

In the Cold War era, any hostile intelligence service would employ what is referred to as ‘talent spotters’ in the trade.

These are people who would seek out persons that were open to coercion or subversion. Something to hide for instance that would enable them to be blackmailed or recruited.

In the days it was being gay. Which was up to some point illegal either under civilian or military forces law. Nowadays it seems to be Pedophilia. Financial or political issues were also exploited.

P.S. Any mention of connections sells papers. Propaganda!

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