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Human Rights & David Cameron's visit to China

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Human Rights & David Cameron's visit to China

Post by T_Moore on 09.11.10 17:09

Prime Minister David Cameron's visit to China is an excellent opportunity to raise Human Rights issues.

Why, for example, is the British media prevented from exposing Brother Gerry McCann and how has it come to pass that sensible discussion of the McCann Masonic abduction is banned in the British media, where freedom of speech is supposed to be guaranteed by ECHR, the Europen Convention for the protection of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms.

Why does the British government allow Free Masons to harass anyone who makes the mistake of criticising something done by a Free Mason? When will the British government take the Clemency sections of the Grand Lodge to be an unlawful exercise of extra-judicial justice.

When will the British government restrain Free Masons from taking homes from anyone who assists a victim of British Freemasonry? Will the British government ensure that victims of Freemasonry are allowed access to health and legal services? Will the British government ever ban UK Freemasonry from using toxins against those people unfortunate to be hated by the likes of Brother Gerry McCann?


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