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Couldn’t face parents so ‘faked own kidnapping’ Mm11

Couldn’t face parents so ‘faked own kidnapping’ Regist10

Couldn’t face parents so ‘faked own kidnapping’

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Couldn’t face parents so ‘faked own kidnapping’ Empty Couldn’t face parents so ‘faked own kidnapping’

Post by Jill Havern on 13.06.19 9:11

A YOUNG man who lost his wallet, phone and credit cards after a few drinks falsely told police he had been kidnapped and robbed because he couldn’t face his parents.

Now Granada National Police have arrested the 20-year-old student for making a false statement.
He had gone to police to report that while he was walking home after a night out he was kidnapped and taken to an industrial unit. There, he claimed he was made to sit on the floor while handcuffed and blindfolded for several hours.

He alleged the “assailants” were trying to get his PIN numbers, which he refused to give. They kept their faces hidden with ski masks so he could not give a description.
He claims they then made their escape with his belongings.
Police were not convinced by the yarn. They launched an investigation and concluded that he had made the story up to hide his carelessness from his parents, as he had no idea where he had lost his belongings.
He is now being investigated for a crime of simulation.

Another "theory" to purport ?
Jill Havern
Jill Havern
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