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What have the police told us? Mm11

What have the police told us? Regist10

What have the police told us?

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What have the police told us? Empty What have the police told us?

Post by worriedmum on 27.04.19 11:17

Mark Rowley , ten years after Madeleine's disappearance, with his comments on Operation Grange. At approx 1.21.there is an interesting hiccup..

He ends with,
'Our mission here is to do everything reasonable to provide an answer for Kate and Gerry McCann''

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What have the police told us? Empty Re: What have the police told us?

Post by willowthewisp on 27.04.19 14:20

Hi Worriedmum,600 potential "Burglars,suspects" with No Evidence to Back up this claim of Who took Madeleine McCann out of Apartment 5a Ocean Club, 3 May 2007?

"Listen Carefully" to the words of "Foul Play" involving a Young girl?

Mr Rowley knows that he cannot rule out foul play, but he is very cunning in how he avoids any questions on foul play," We'll Do Our Best For Kate, Gerry", enough said there Mr Rowley?

So Mr Rowley, None of the Tapas 7/9 are Neither Burglars or Suspects, Nor are Kate,Gerry Person's of Interest, but they were present in Portugal when Madeleine disappeared and One claims to have seen Madeleine at 18.30 pm on above date?

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