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Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Mm11

Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Regist10
The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™
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Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Mm11

Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Regist10

Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings

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Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Empty Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings

Post by sharonl 23.04.19 12:28

The forum not only seeks truth and justice for Madeleine McCann, we have over the years supported Goncalo Amaral in every  way that we possibly could.  The members of CMOMM and MMRG continue to support SNR Amaral, a gentleman and an excellent detective who has been abused not only by the McCanns but also by the UK Government and the media.  

We wish him all the best for the future and hope that one day the truth of the biggest lie ever will be exposed to all.

Below are some of the greetings and messages of support sent to Snr Amaral.  

At a Madeleine Foundation regional meeting, a Birthday greetings card was signed with messages by all and forward to SNR Amaral along with a number of Facebook messages and donations.

by theolivebranch on 19.09.10 18:16

I wish you a very happy birthday and hope that you can spend it with your family and friends and enjoy the day. You are a giant of a man and I admire your tenacity.

by Guest on 02.10.12 13:14

Many Happy Returns on your birthday Mr Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQEa03BgbfqSIq-vs4ncB2VIpAlfmuK9PCEA0CtQ9qdZ67Im8V5
by Tony Bennett on 25.09.10 18:53

Dear Mr Amaral

We think back in Britain to the day three years ago when the Portuguese authorities 'phoned our former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, to give him some good news.

The good news (for him and certain others) was that later that day you were to be totally removed from the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance.

Thus your birthday has become, as we say in Britain, a bitter-sweet day.

We deeply appreciate your past efforts to find out the truth about what really happened to a British girl. We understand also that you have suffered and continue to suffer as a consequence of your efforts.

You have thousands of supporters in Britain. They will all join with you in hoping that you will in due course triumph over the adversities that the McCanns, Marcos Aragao Correia and certain members of the political establishment in your country have placed in your way.

I hope you have a happy birthday and that the year following will be a much better one than the last three have been for you and your family.

Tony Bennett

by Jill Havern on 02.09.12 11:13

Very good luck to you Gonçalo in your upcoming trial. When you have won this case then surely it must be your turn to take the McCanns to court for every evil thing they have done to you and your family simply because you tried to find out the truth of what really happened to their three year old daughter. It is shocking that they have used donations which were given to their fund in good faith to 'search' for Madeleine to pay lawyers to try to destroy you and Tony.

Maddie deserves justice from a criminal court, not libel court cases, and I hope you have the strength to keep going until that happens. Maddie has shamelessly been used by the UK media, the UK government and her own parents for every other reason than to actually 'search' for her.

Surely you, like Maddie, will never be able to be at peace until those who know what really happened to her receive their punishment.

Many of us have been here for 5 years already following this case and, primarily because of Eddie and Keela and the release of the official police files into the public domain which led the British and Portuguese police to conclude that Maddie had not really been abducted but had died in the apartment and her corpse concealed, many of us will still be here supporting you and, of course, Tony in whatever way we can.

The shameless and obscene exploitation and marketing of the death of three year old Maddie McCann by her own parents for money must stop and the only person now who really has that power, surely, is yourself. It's simply no good for us to rely on New Scotland Yard, or our gagged 'investigative' journalists, or even our past and present governments, who have proven to us how corrupt they are by taking orders from the arrested and charged former newspaper CEO, Rebekah Brooks, whilst at the same time denying justice for a three year old British girl.

Madeleine Beth McCann: a three year old British girl who, unfortunately, is now surrounded by corrupt / lazy / gagged journalists; corrupt police; corrupt governments; private investigators who are in jail for fraud; a double glazing magnate who intimidated witnesses; suspected paedophiles; a government-appointed spokesman who tells downright lies for money; the most feared libel lawyers who give out wrong information; and many other unsavoury characters too numerous to mention.

If anyone recognises themselves from the above listed descriptions then ask yourself if your conscience is really clear about what you have done for Madeleine Beth McCann as opposed to what Gonçalo Amaral has done, and continues to do, for her.

God bless you Gonçalo xx

Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Dont_g10

by hentie on 03.09.12 11:12

Dr Goncalo Amaral,

I would like to wish you the very best in the forthcoming Trial. You are a very courageous man and should never have had to endure what has befallen you whilst doing your utmost for a missing child.

You have carried on where others have failed. You have my deepest respect.

I hope you have all the support you deserve and that the outcome is as it should be, about the truth and nothing but the truth.

Good Luck!

Helen W

by aquila on 02.09.12 16:59

Dear Sr Amaral,

In the coming days please know that each time you take a breath you are inhaling courage and fortitude. Each time you exhale know that you are only dealing in truth which is the simplest path when dark things try to cause chaos. Be proud you are a person of principle. Fight with every bone in your body to make sure the truth is the only thing that matters. Refuse to be intimidated. Take comfort in your support. Take comfort and strength in the prayers for you. If someone in a courtroom tries to assassinate your character tell yourself that no-one has permission to be perfect. Perfection belongs to a higher power. Know that your efforts and your struggle are about to come to a conclusion. Know that no-one can take anything from you when you tell the truth. I wish you triumph but above all I wish you peace.

by HiDeHo on 02.09.12 14:50


For Gonçalo Amaral from your Friends Around the World! - Libel Trial v McCanns Sept 13th 2012 Lisbon #mccann #mccanns

Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Keepstrong

by sami on 02.09.12 11:45

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Dr Amaral, God bless you and good luck.

by puzzled on 02.09.12 15:25

Dr Amaral, you shouldn't have had to endure what you have endured over the past five years. You have many English sympathisers. I wish you all the best in what lies ahead.

Dear Sr Amaral

I wish I could write to you in your own language, but I send you all the best wishes in the world for your forthcoming ordeal against the forces of evil. You are a most remarkable man.

I know you have a deep faith, and these words of Our Lord from the Gospel of St Matthew seem highly appropriate right now:

"Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

God bless you always.

by tigger on 03.09.12 16:00

You will win your case Dr. Amaral. You're looking great on the last video, your family and friends love you and the Portuguese people are intelligent enough - and hopefully well informed enough - to see through the childish lies that took you to court.
It is their own greed and revenge that will destroy them. It is the saddest thing to see that these two people who should have been so happy and content with their lives, have come to this through greed and vanity.

When the great earthquake struck Lisbon in the 17th century, Europe suffered because Portugal was immensely important for Europe. Portugal is important still and we expect their judges to apply their intellect and not to take note of anything but the law that rules Portugal.

The British press tried to smear you, tell the world you had sworn at the McCanns - it hasn't really worked. Your dignity and that of your wife Sophia (I thought her letter to Kate was brilliant and the work of a highly educated and literate woman) is beyond doubt.

by Nina on 03.09.12 15:05

Dr Amaral, may I send all good wishes for you for the trial. You are a man of utmost integrity and have had years of unfounded contempt shown to you by the parents of Madeleine, some of her extended family, and the British media and as a UK citizen I am ashamed of the suffering you and your family have been subjected to.
If there is real justice you will win the case and I pray you will then be able to pick up the pieces of your shattered life and look forward to the future.

by littlepixie on 02.09.12 17:36

5 years on and STILL fighting for the Truth of the Lie!!

Bless You Sr Amaral for fighting for Truth and Justice xx

by tiny on 02.09.12 18:32

my sincere good wishes for you Mr Amaral,hope the truth wins over evil.

by tuom on 02.09.12 18:44

God Bless you and good luck, I am only one voice from Ireland far away from you , but I am trusting that the truth will out in this case , you are a gentleman and I am proud to send this message to you .......

by Nelly6969 on 02.09.12 17:54

Keep strong Goncalo, you have more support in the UK than you probably realise - One day the truth will be heard

by brilynn on 02.09.12 18:11

Although a regular follower of this brilliant "site",this is the very first time I have posted anything,but ,Mr Amaral ,like Tony Bennet,are victims of two despicable "humans" Kate and Gerry MaCaan,the very thought of them winning a £/euro from either one of these men,makes me so,so angry,not just with them but even more so with the mindblowing "cover up", and the times we,ve watched so called celeberaties say,"but we,ve all done it",in regard to leaving 3 babies babysitting themselves,oh really!!!! well not in my world. Anyway,I digress,my sincere good luck wishes go to you Mr Amaral in the coming weeks!!!

by Cheshire Cat on 02.09.12 13:07

Good luck Goncalo Amaral.

The passing of the years, the reviews of reviews and all the media attention have bought us no closer to finding Madeleine.

The questions asked by your investigation have still not been answered; you have been subject to assaults on your integrity and your liberty. You have sacrificed so much for a tiny child who did not live to see her fourth birthday.

Thank you for exposing the lies and for shining a light on the truth. You are my hero along with other brave men and women who speak for all the children who have no voice.

Cheshire Cat

y ProfessorPPlum on 03.09.12 0:09

Snr Amaral, I made up my mind about you from watching you on video, hearing you speak and reading your book online. My instincts told me you are a good man and I trust my instincts completely. Those same instincts told me just as strongly that the McCanns are not good people at all.

I wish you luck in your defence of your right to voice the conclusions that you, of all people, are entitled to arrive at from the factual evidence at your disposal.

You must at times have thought you were going mad. I hope it helps to know that people like us are behind you and have faith in your intelligence and decency.

by The Slave on 02.09.12 13:18

Dearest Sir, Facing evil is never easy. I pray you find the strength to carry the fight for truth to it's conclusion. You are often in my thoughts. You have faced things that most of us could not imagine. Lies, slander, loss. You are a GOOD man, Goncalo. Your Christian humility and the inner peace that comes with real faith will help you.
I only wish I could afford to come in person to support you in September . There are many thousands of us who are with you in spirit. I hope you know this. You are not alone.
Much love and admiration from Ann-Kristine Westwood.

by Newintown on 03.09.12 17:11

Dear Sr Amaral

What the McCanns have done to you and your family over the past 5 years horrifies me. I am truly, truly sorry on behalf of all decent British people for the stress and torment that the McCanns have put you through in your quest to find out what happened to Madeleine. They say they are the only ones looking for her, but they can’t pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and we know they have no interest in finding out what happened to Madeleine as, and this is my own belief, they already know. They have done everything in their power to undermine the real search for Madeleine, but have gone out of their way in making sure they are millionaires off the back of their missing daughter at the same time funding their wider families from their “pot of gold”.

The UK gutter press also horrifies me in the way they have insulted you and your Portugese police colleagues for the past 5 years yet they fawn and smarm over the McCanns as if they are some sort of Deity. It’s a pity these “so called” journalists don’t actually do some real work and read the PJ files before they start insulting the people who have genuinely looked for Madeleine. They have buried their heads in the sand since Madeleine “disappeared” but they would be shocked to find out that they have been too stupid to see what has been in front of their eyes since 4th May 2007. Unfortunately a lot of the public believe what is written in the UK press, by these “so called” journalists, and have not got the intelligence or are too lazy to research the real facts for themselves; therefore, there are many people who are sympathetic towards the McCanns as shown on newspaper message boards, either that or the newspapers are forever deleting any messages that criticise the McCanns.

I send you my very best wishes for 13th September. We all support you and we are hoping for a good outcome on your behalf so that you can turn the tables on the people who have ruined your life and let them have a taste of their own medicine. It’s what they deserve.

by Smokeandmirrors on 03.09.12 7:25

You said once, Dr Amaral, that you had much more to say about this case. I hope you get a decent and fair chance in court to say whatever you need to, to not only successfully defend yourself, but to bring to light whatever is necessary to change the course of this case for the better. Thousands have read the PJ files, but millions have not. Let this be an opportunity to turn the tide, for the media to run with your case and bring to the publics attention the TRUTH.

by rainbow-fairy on 07.09.12 14:30

Goncalo Amaral, a man of courage, integrity and tenacity in the face of smears and lies. Your determination to get justice for a lost little girl (a girl, not a photo) let down so badly by her family, wider friends, UK authorities et al completely inspires me to carry on searching for 'The Truth of the Lie'.

Throughout the threats, loss of your dog, breakdown of your marriage you have remained firm in your belief that justice will be done. You have not lowered yourself to the vile level shown by The McCanns and their benefactors. No smears or personal attacks, just a quiet determination that justice WILL come. I really hope that you do feel able to 'tell all you know' very soon.

Your victory in being able to sell your book (TRUTHFUL TO PJ FILES) again was fantastic news. Why SHOULD you not when Kate McCann is free to sell HER book (full of contradictions, back-tracking and nonsensical explanations)? Be assured also that many bought and read Kate's book believing in the 'abduction hypothesis' only to realise FROM Kate's book that all was not as it seemed...

You are a wonderful honourable man, the total opposite of those who are trying to oppress you and the truth, and my thoughts are with you often.

Being the 'visible target' (like Tony Bennett) cannot be easy but you have stood firm and never once wavered in the fact that you know the truth, or as close as UK authorities allowed you to get. The corruption and marketing ploys in this case are truly disgusting yet you have risen above that.

Please also be assured how much support you have in the UK. I personally do not know ANYONE who believe the Tapas '9' lies, but sadly the attitude seems to be 'it doesn't affect ME' - which is both sad and a nonsense. £3.5m + of taxpayers money spent on a pseudo-review when as we know the case would be re-opened if the same Tapas 9 attended a reconstruction. The DNA match that suddenly became 'uncertain' and the subsequent closure of FSS shows how deep Government interference went in this case, and STILL people say its nothing to do with them? Well in my opinion covering up of likely paedophile activity in the so-called 'upper echelons' of the people who decide our daily fate IS much to do with EVERY honourable person. Still, we can't all be fighters for justice I suppose.

You are one of my heroes Dr Amaral, I wish you every success in your upcoming libel trial. The only people that have needed to lie are the McCanns and cronies yet they've declined to face you or give evidence in a courtroom (I wonder why? amaral - 54 MESSAGES OF SUPPORT (SO FAR) FOR DR GONCALO AMARAL (UP TO 9am, 10th SEPT)  - Page 2 302873 )

Stay strong. I just wish I could be there to give even a little moral support, but I firmly believe the McCann's will not get a penny from you nor should they. I'm certain that when the case is heard you won't stoop to their level, just quietly and doggedly try to get 'The Truth of the Lie' out there to the wider world. A book translation into English would be fantastic, but with the corruption over this case which publisher would stare down the 'mighty' C-R? (I would if only I were a publisher.....)

All good wishes are sent to you. A true inspiration... God Bless You and all your loved ones... Blessed Be amaral - 54 MESSAGES OF SUPPORT (SO FAR) FOR DR GONCALO AMARAL (UP TO 9am, 10th SEPT)  - Page 2 725573 amaral - 54 MESSAGES OF SUPPORT (SO FAR) FOR DR GONCALO AMARAL (UP TO 9am, 10th SEPT)  - Page 2 765862 xxx

by Tony Bennett on 02.09.12 19:10

Message received earlier today from Dr B____ S______ from the U.S. [full name withheld]:

Dear Tony,

Would you be so kind as to forward my best wishes to Dr Amaral. I wish him every success in his upcoming case with the Mccanns.

He is a bright light that has consistently shone on a dark episode in the British and Portuguese legal systems.


B_____ S______

by sharonl on 10.09.12 8:25

Received by The Madeleine Foundation over the weekend:

There is a saying about evil - "the only thing that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to remain silent".

You are a good man, Gonçalo, and you have said what you had to say. May you win this court case and be left in peace.

Força for the 13th. Wishing you all the very best, lime_harry in the Algarve

by Guest on 01.10.10 23:45

Happy birthday to Mr. Amaral, a very brave man who is prepared to put himself in the firing line for uncovering the truth about what happened to Madeleine .

Gonçalo Amaral - Messages of support and Birthday greetings  Th_happy_birthday-387

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