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 "Maddie Wikileaks": main points of PJ "secret report"  Mm11

 "Maddie Wikileaks": main points of PJ "secret report"  Regist10

"Maddie Wikileaks": main points of PJ "secret report"

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 "Maddie Wikileaks": main points of PJ "secret report"  Empty "Maddie Wikileaks": main points of PJ "secret report"

Post by pjcvreis on 14.04.19 4:10

BBC was informed about the disappearance of Maddie on the night of May 3 to 4, at around two o'clock in the morning. Rachel Mampilly, who was interviewed by PJ as a witness, admitted that she had made the contact, "through someone she knew", thus making the first reporting to the Media about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
The specialized sniffer dogs of the British police gave several positive alerts for the smell of blood and of a cadaver. The blood smell was detected in the living room of the apartment, behind the sofa, next to the window of the apartment (exactly at the same place where the other dog pointed to existence of cadaver odor), according to the PJ document. (continue reading at "")

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