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Rooney's bumper payout!

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Rooney's bumper payout!

Post by Guest on 25.10.10 12:16

Does anyone else think this country has gone mad!! He throws a hissy fit, and then gets a new contract getting paid unbelievable wages

People losing jobs, houses being repossesed and the country facing huge cuts in all sectors.................grrrrrrrrrr!!

Rooney's Bumper Pay: But Is He Worth It?

  • 23, 2010

Adam Arnold, Sky News Online
Speculation about how much Wayne Rooney is pocketing in his new deal with Manchester United is rife - with some reports claiming he will get a whopping £250,000 a week.

The amount varies across the British press yet the lowest figure is still an impressive £160,000 a week.
The fever of interest comes after the star striker performed a dramatic U-turn and signed a new contract with his club.
In any case, Rooneyis expected to be getting around double what he was getting before.
In the next five years, it is thought he will make around £50m.

Old Trafford: The 'Theatre Of Dreams'

The England forward, who is preparing to celebrate his 25th birthday on Sunday, is currently injured and so will not be playing for United for a few weeks.
But he has vowed he will be back to his best when he returns to action.
He could play against his side's arch rivals Manchester City on November 10. They were one of the few clubs that could have afforded his new wage packet.
"I certainly can't wait to pull on the red shirt again," he told MUTV.
"I am gutted to be injured. I just want to be out there playing, get back to form and doing what I do best. And I will be back to my best. I have no worries about that."

I'm not surprised he (Rooney) stayed at Manchester United because at the end of the day they are the biggest team in the world.
David Beckham

He added: "I am sure the fans have been upset over the past few days with everything they have heard in the media.
"But I care for this club. I want to be here and I want to continue being successful at this club.
"It might take time with some fans. But I am going to be giving 100%, the same as always, to try and build that relationship back."

Manager Sir Alex Ferguson has persuaded Rooney to stay

Sky News' Chris Skudder, at Old Trafford, said: "Rooney has become the highest earning English footballer in history and, at up to £1m a month, only Messi and Ronaldo are in the same league."
There has also been speculation about why Rooney re-signed for United when only days ago he said he wanted to leave because he thought the club lacked ambition.

An obscene amount of money to be paid, shame on Man Utd for paying it.
Sky News Online reader jon999

Some reports suggest that a mob seen outside his house this week had convinced Rooney's camp that his personal security would be at risk if he switched clubs.
But there were also suggestions that the five-year deal was a way of United making more money by selling him next summer.
Some newspapers have criticised Rooney's large pay packet, as it comes as Britain faces big job losses and cut backs in public services and welfare benefits.

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Re: Rooney's bumper payout!

Post by littlepixie on 25.10.10 12:20

I think it is obscene and think that anyone who pays hundreds of pounds for a season ticket to watch football needs their head examining (my brother included).

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Re: Rooney's bumper payout!

Post by Guest on 25.10.10 12:22

Complete travesty. The silly thing is half of the time he's injured!!!!!!!

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Re: Rooney's bumper payout!

Post by Jill Havern on 25.10.10 12:59

I find it obscene that someone is paid that amount of money to kick a ball around a field whilst those who save peoples lives are paid a pittance in comparison.
Jill Havern

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