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Richard D. Hall: Jo Cox Film Premieres Mm11

Richard D. Hall: Jo Cox Film Premieres Regist10

Richard D. Hall: Jo Cox Film Premieres

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Richard D. Hall: Jo Cox Film Premieres Empty Richard D. Hall: Jo Cox Film Premieres

Post by Jill Havern on 16.02.19 7:07

Email from Richard D. Hall


Exit From Brexit - The Jo Cox Departure

The latest Richplanet film has been very well received so far. It is not
yet available to view online and I intend to premiere the film at multiple
venues throughout the UK. I am appealing for help from Richplanet viewers
who wish to show the film to the public at a venue of your choice. The
venues do not need to be fancy. A pub function room would be fine. If you
can arrange a public room and suitable equipment required to show the film
on a large screen, I will send a copy of the film to the organiser free of
charge. I do not want any revenue for these film premieres, my intention is
for the film to be made available free of charge for any person to view. If
there is a fee to hire venues or equipment, then the organiser can charge
attendees a reasonable fee if they wish to cover costs. I intend these
premieres to go ahead at a weekend in the near future, possibly 2nd or 9th
of March. I am particularly interested in using venue(s) in the Birstall /
Batley or Leeds area so that local people can find out what happened on the
day Jo Cox departed.

If you wish to organise a film premiere in your town, then FIRST arrange a
suitable venue. It is advisable to explain to the venue owner what the film
is about, before booking - just to make sure they are happy to host the
event. You can find a summary of the film here.

Once you have confirmation from a venue, send me the venue details (to I will then promote your film show on the
Richplanet website. Please note the condition of this offer, is that any
liabilities that may arise will be the responsibility of the person
organising each individual event. You can contact me by emailing


Tour details here

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