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Boot Out These Corrupt Peers!

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Boot Out These Corrupt Peers!

Post by Guest on 19.10.10 11:42

Boot Out These Corrupt Peers!

Jon Craig
October 18, 2010 6:49 PM

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Just what do you have to do to get chucked out of the House of Lords?

Fiddle your expenses? Trouser thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money deliberately and dishonestly over a long period of time?

You'd think anyone guilty of this scale of corruption would be shown a parliamentary red card and banned for life.

But you'd be wrong.

Baroness Uddin and Lords Paul and Bhatia have been given a yellow card, a feeble slap on the wrist:: just a suspension.

But they'll be back!


The Daily Telegraph reported last Friday: "Lord Strathclyde, the Leader of the House of Lords, has signalled that he believes the Lords, comprising 755 peers, bishops and judges, to be too unwieldy. Part of the problem is that peers are not allowed to retire from the second chamber."

Well, kick these three out, M'Lord!

The Lords' Privileges and Conduct Committee says all three made "a deliberate misrepresentation" of their domestic arrangements and "did not act in good faith".

On Lord Paul - who's a millionaire, for goodness sake! - the committee also says: "He did not have a main residence outside London. None of his claims for night subsistence away from that residence was valid. He did not make the journeys for which he claimed on the days claimed."

I'm sure there are plenty of ex-MPs who would argue that their crimes in the last Parliament were no worse than those of these three peers. Andrew Mackay, for example, claimed for a second home when he didn't have one and was booted out and is now an ex-MP.

Three other ex-MPs are facing prosecution, along with a couple of peers.

Yet Uddin, Paul and Bhatia, while they've been ordered to apologise and pay back the money they wrongly claimed, will be back in the Lords in a few years time.

What's going on?

If the the House of Lords can't police itself better than this then it's time to abolish it!


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Re: Boot Out These Corrupt Peers!

Post by Cherry on 19.10.10 20:11

I agree boot them out!
Talking about corruption anyone been watching Whitechapel, copy cat murders of the Krays, very interesting to see the corruption going on there with the Police, and other people in power, how people are threatened, paperwork lost etc., - seems like nothing has changed at all. The establishment would appear to be just as corrupt.

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