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Find the diffrences... Mm11

Find the diffrences... Regist10

Find the diffrences...

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Find the diffrences... Empty Find the diffrences...

Post by Guest on 25.09.18 10:46


Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell told MailOnline: “I can confirm that Kate and Gerry McCann’s Portuguese lawyers lodged an appeal application in the Amaral case with the European Court of Human Rights in July of this year. The Court acknowledged the application in August and its admissibility is now being examined. Kate and Gerry will not be commenting on any aspect whatsoever as it remains entirely a matter for their Portuguese lawyers.”
Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell told The Sun: "I can confirm that Kate and Gerry have lodged an appeal application at the European Court of Human Rights and the application is being considered. As such they will not be making any comment until a decision has been made. The case is being handled by their legal team in Portugal.”

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Find the diffrences... Empty Re: Find the diffrences...

Post by willowthewisp on 25.09.18 12:19

Hi pjcvries,apart from different titles,ref no'Same s**t different day", oh and One big Liar,Clarence Mitchell!
Carlos Anjous,he lies with as many teeth he has in his Head,Clarence must have a big mouth,where we know he gargles verbiage of bullshit for the public's consumption?
He never swallows it himself?
A work of "Cognitive Dissonance" alongside a variety of UK Police Officers!

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