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The McCanns - plenty of theories, little evidence John Redwood's Diary

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The McCanns - plenty of theories, little evidence John Redwood's Diary

Post by Verdi on 29.08.18 15:54

The McCanns - plenty of theories, little evidence John Redwood's Diary (no longer available online)

Published by John Redwood at 11:00am under Blog
Sep 10 2007
With thanks to Paulo Reis at Gazeta Digital for screenshot/text

It is not usually wise to venture into questions of individual guilt or innocence. These are properly matters for the courts, not for politicians.

I do so briefly today because I have never seen so much speculation and so many press stories, created by the spin doctors of the parents and by mysterious sources for the Portuguese authorities, when there is so little fact behind it all. It is part of the modern disease, of fighting battles through the media instead of people getting on and doing their jobs diligently.

The Portuguese side, after four months, seem to have decided that the little girl is dead and the parents were involved in the death. To prove this it would be helpful to have a body, and an autopsy which shows how she died. At the very least, if they cannot find the body, it would help if they had an independent witness who had seen the death occur, or had seen the parents moving the body after the time of the disappearance. It demonstrates little police competence that this most closely watched couple was able according to sources to keep the body from police attention immediately after the disappearance, and then to move the body many days later. How come the police did not search extensively enough to find the body at the beginning? How did they miss any evidence of harm to the child they now might claim to have? How did no-one see anything strange when the body was moved?

The McCanns theory that the girl was abducted also needs evidence to support it. Can they clear away any doubt over whether entry was forced into the holiday home? Were there no screams or disturbances as the little girl was taken? Did no-one see her at any point as she was carried away? Why has no-one seen her since, despite the massive awareness campaign? How did the abductor time the removal, given the fact that parents and friends were returning to keep an eye or ear open for the children?

Have the police questioned all who left that resort around the time of the loss of Madeleine?

This is a heart rending story. The two sides seemed determined to damage each other. The truth remains a casualty. Maybe the McCanns should employ a private detective rather than a spin doctor, to find evidence of the abduction they are sure happened and the trail to her present whereabouts. In the meantime with so few facts it is difficult to say what happened, apart from understanding the grief that the loss of Madeleine is causing.

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Re: The McCanns - plenty of theories, little evidence John Redwood's Diary

Post by willowthewisp on 29.08.18 16:25

Lo and Behold,the McCann's did hire "Private Detectives"spent hundreds of thousands of pounds from the "Find Madeleine Fund",bogus world wide sightings to boot,but still No sign of an Alive Madeleine,that the parents keep stating,with No evidence to say she is alive?

Just like Scotland Yard do,"Never Mention The dogs,Eddie,Keela" verbatum,"Gerry,ask the dogs" Sandra,with a super sillious grin,smirk?

No wonder Mr John Redwoods article,whoooshed away?

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