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George Laird: The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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George Laird: The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gerald and Kate McCann to attend case against Gonçalo Amaral, the case should be thrown out and the McCann's arrested

This January 2010, Gerald and Kate McCann go back to Portugal.

Not to look for their daughter Madeleine but to sue a man called Gonçalo Amaral.

Gonçalo Amaral has had a temporary injunction served on him by the McCanns’ to stop the sale of a book called "Maddie, The Truth of the Lie".

The book makes the conclusion that Madeleine McCann is dead and that she died in apartment 5a which the McCann’s rented for a holiday.

Two forensic dogs, Keela and Eddie both independently keyed off the scent of human death and blood in that apartment.

An apartment that previously had no recorded instance of anyone ever dying in it!

The scent of human death and blood was indicated by the dogs in various places in the locus.

Is it possible that prior to the McCann’s renting that apartment that a person was walking about with a corpse?

Walking around placing it in various places such as behind a sofa and in a wardrobe?

The Portuguese Police to Kate McCann;

“Did you search inside the bedroom wardrobe?”

Kate McCann replied she wouldn't answer.

Why wouldn’t she answer a straight forward question?

The McCann’s obvious feel it is important that they are present at the trial to add weight to their case against Gonçalo Amaral.

I assume that the impression they are trying to give is that if they were guilty of the death of their daughter, they wouldn’t be there.

But a question worth asking is why they point blank refused to do a reconstruction when asked by the Police, unless it was done on their terms.

Another odd aspect of this case is that Gerry and Kate McCann didn’t want to leave their children with babysitters because they didn’t want strangers guarding them.

So, why was it okay to have them guarded by strangers during the day and not at night?

The case against Gonçalo Amaral should be thrown out; the Portuguese Police should detain both Gerald and Kate McCann, they should be brought before a Court of Law and the questions they have refused to answer put to them under oath.

If they refuse to answer, they should be locked up for contempt.

The McCann’s seem to be pretty keen to use the law to gag anyone who doesn’t agree with their version of what happened to their daughter.

And still no justice Madeleine McCann.

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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George Laird: The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University :: Comments


Post on 17.08.18 1:06 by Verdi

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What does it say that that Gerald and Kate McCann seek to gag serving Policemen from testifying in a court of law?

Today is Tuesday 12th January 2010.

It is the day that Gerald and Kate McCann go to Court in Portugal to try and gag Gonçalo Amaral, the former Polícia Judiciária investigator.

In order to try and win their case, the McCann’s wanted to gag witnesses from even getting to the court to testify.

These witnesses have the belief that the thesis that Madeleine McCann is dead is correct.

The McCann’s are trying by any means to silence and prevent the investigators in the case of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine from being heard.

The McCann’s via their legal team are presenting this argument to the judge.

McCann said;

"No-one can be allowed to say that our daughter can't be found without very good evidence”.

I would suggest that the evidence of Eddie and Keela, forensic dogs, in numerous locations and their previous work record make complying evidence.

McCann’s lawyer argues that the facts that have been alleged by the couple in the injunction should be deemed as fact, because they have not been duly challenged.

That is nonsense in my opinion and a breach of Gonçalo Amaral’s human rights for a fair and impartial hearing.

The list of those saying Madeleine McCann is dead is growing.

The wider question of freedom of speech is the nub of this case, I don’t believe that Gonçalo Amaral wrote his book out of spite but were the evidence took him.

When asked about the evidence of the dogs in an interview, Gerald McCann flippantly replied, “ask the dogs, Sandra”.

The McCann case has no merit in my opinion, it should signal the start of the end of the McCann Circus.

The McCann’s have serious questions to answer, starting with the 48 from the Portuguese Police.

I have long held the belief that justice will not start for Madeleine McCann until Gerald and Kate McCann are detained by Portuguese Police, brought to Court and put on the stand to answer questions under oath.

What does it say that that Gerald and Kate McCann seek to gag serving Policemen from testifying in a court of law?

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Post on 18.08.18 0:32 by Verdi

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

As the McCanns' continue to try and gag Gonçalo Amaral in Lisbon, I sense that the cold winds of change are starting to move against the McCanns'

Dr Christian Ludke is a German Criminal Psychologist, on the 7th September 2007, he done an interview with Uta Keseling.

I find his interview interesting because I remember Gerald McCann when he was a medical student at Glasgow University. As a keen runner in the university hares and hounds club he could be seen standing with the group outside the Stevenson Building at the University of Glasgow.

Thousands of people went through that institution but having a background in security it makes you look at people in a different way.

He was one such individual who stuck out, when I would walk pass there was always something about him that made you want to turn round and watch him.

Rather like an alarm going off in your brain when you sense that someone makes you feel uncomfortable just by sight.

Anyway here is the Welt ONLINE interview which focus’s on the odd and strange behaviour of the McCann’s after their daughter was allegedly kidnapped.

The forensic psychologist Dr. Christian Lüdke leads a company in Essen which supports the victims of robberies, kidnappings, accidents or disasters.

He spoke with WELT ONLINE about the possible motives of the McCann couple in the tragic case of the abduction of Madeleine.

WELT ONLINE: You have warned, since early on, that the behaviour of Gerry and Kate McCann indicates their involvement in the crime. What has made you feel that way?

Christian Lüdke: I have, in recent years, cared for many parents who lost their children due to acts of violence. Most of them were under severe shock, feeling helpless, desperate and withdrawn. Many also quarralled. They blamed themselves hugely for not having looked after their child adequately.

WELT ONLINE: It was different with the McCanns?

Lüdke: They live very differently. In public, they are harmonious. Already, after only a few days they went jogging, as if that was a normal thing to do, always appearing together. These parents took matters into their own hands instead of leaving matters in the hands of the police. They distanced themselves from their two other children by going on a European tour, that to me is very strange.

WELT ONLINE: Maybe it was an accident?

Lüdke: No. In such a case, after the first shock, they would have trusted the police. Both parents are doctors, in case of an accident they would have tried to get help. It is even more unrealistic that of all people two doctors would leave 3 children alone in a strange environment, even more at night. I have many doctors as patients. As professionals they know all that can happen to children, and as parents they are overly protective.

WELT ONLINE: What could have been the motive to cause their own daughter's disappearance?

Lüdke: There are parents who have little or no emotional bond with a child. Often such a child is considered a burden that must be dealt with in a brutal or perverted way. The best known is Münchhausen Syndrome by Proxy: The mother tortures the child until it is almost dead and then calls for the police because she herself has a great desire to receive attention.

WELT ONLINE: Do you think it is possible that Madeleine's parents have killed Madeleine and together hidden her?

Lüdke: I believe both parents know what happened.

WELT ONLINE: It means, the McCanns planned the death of their daughter?

Lüdke: Yes, it is possible that they planned this a long time ago, they must at least have played it through in their minds many times and they must have spoken about it together. Otherwise they would now be contradicting each other.

WELT ONLINE: When parents are guilty of killing their child, do they block this fact out of their minds?

Lüdke: Unlikely. Both have clear consciousness, give interviews, travel. It is easier for them to lie than to speak the truth. One can probably exclude a psychosis. Many things point toward a mental disorder. The children of the McCanns were conceived artificially; that can lead to problems in parenthood. Maybe there were self esteem issues that were not openly addressed. Maybe the child had to die due to a problem that had lasted many years.

WELT ONLINE: But the McCanns seem perfect and loving parents.

Lüdke: That public image can be due to a guilt mechanism, like doing a media campaign, to distract attention away from the real problem.

WELT ONLINE: Why do they not go back to Great Britain?

Lüdke: That also speaks against them. When someone loses a child they want to be with their loved ones in a secure environment. By continuing to stay at that resort, where something terrible happened, the worse that can happen to a parent - that is, to lose a child - indicates a survival instinct. As in a mental cinema, these pictures would be constantly running over again. That the McCanns do not return home, where they would have memories of the beautiful times spent with their child, can be seen as an evasive action, in order to avoid having to deal with what they have done.

WELT ONLINE: The world thinks it is impossible that these parents can be guilty.

Lüdke: The media have possibly been taken in by the McCanns. They very quickly attended only after them, instead of around the child. The parents were accompanied like the Beckhams. In his Internet diary, the father writes almost daily about that and other irrelevant/banal things, the shirt he was wearing, what the weather is like. No father in despair could do this. Statistically 70 percent of all the violence against children is caused by the parents, family members or friends. That has unfortunately, to a large extent, not been looked into. The Portuguese police were attacked unfairly when they tried to refer in that direction.

WELT ONLINE: They have already expressed suspicions about the parents, when hardly anyone wanted to know about it. Have you been criticized for it?

Lüdke: Yes, very severely. There were open letters, a campaign on the Internet with professional associations. And I have done no more than look at the whole thing as an outsider.

I find Criminal Psychologist Dr. Christian Ludke interview to be incredibly interesting in his anaylsis of what the McCann’s did post 3rd May 2007, so I present this interview for information purposes only.

He found it odd and so I am sure other people do too, it is a pity that the MSM haven’t been as objective as they should have been, they simply accepted a version of events that are not proven by any facts.

Hopefully one day justice will prevail for Madeleine McCann.

At present her parents are steadfastly refusing to answer questions.

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Post on 19.08.18 23:51 by Verdi

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gerald and Kate McCann's right to privacy doesn't supersede Goncalo Amaral's right to freedom of speech, the injunction against him should be revoked

Dear All

Freedom of speech is important.

In Portugal there is a court case in progress regarding this very issue.

On one side is Team McCann seeking to block Goncalo Amaral's publication, ‘Maddie, the truth of a Lie’.

On the other is Goncalo Amaral, former Police Officer involved in the hunt for Madeleine McCann.

The issue is, does the McCann’s right to privacy supersede Goncalo Amaral right to freedom of speech?

The McCann’s have put forward an unsubstantiated theory that their daughter was abducted by a third party while they were eating and drinking in a Tapas bar.

There is no physical evidence to support their claim.

They have repeatedly changed their version of events.

Refused to co-operate with the Police

Forensic evidence has been found that indicates that someone previously died in the apartment they rented.

There is no record prior to them renting the apartment of anyone ever been recorded as having died there.

Traces of death and human blood were further found in their holiday apartment and hired rental car.

Gerald Patrick McCann when asked to explain this replied;

“ask the dogs, Sandra”.

On the other side of the argument Goncalo Amaral's stance is that his book represents free speech and the material contained in it is already available in the public domain from the case files.

He is also backed by several witnesses who believe that Madeleine McCann is dead and she died in apartment 5A which was rented by her parents.

So, in weighing the issues the Portuguese Judge has to make a decision does the McCann’s right to privacy supersede Goncalo Amaral's right to freedom of speech?

I believe that the answer to this fundamental question is no.

The McCann’s claims are unsubstantiated subjective opinion and therefore on that basis their case is without merit.

Subsequently their claim for damages of 1.2m euros (£1.08m) is also without merit.

The temporary injunction should therefore be lifted by the Judge and the case should be found in favour of Goncalo Amaral.

Hopefully, the Judge will reach the correct decision after careful consideration of the evidence presented by both parties.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Post on 19.08.18 23:53 by Verdi

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Team McCann taking Gonçalo Amaral to court opened the floodgates, NPIA report states the parents should be investigated

Dear All

The decision by Gerald Patrick and Kate McCann to pursue Gonçalo Amaral was a mistake, rather than stopping information coming into the public domain they created a flood.

A National Policy Investigation report, a British private body considers that not only the abduction should be investigated but also the death of Madeleine McCann.

The report states that criminal profiler Lee Rainbow who went to Praia da Luz had 'a strong conviction of the parent’s involvement into their daughter’s disappearance'.

It seems that the McCann bubble has finally burst.

The report’s contents make for interesting reading with comments such as;

“It was Madeleine's father who was the last one to see her alive”.
“The family is a lead that should be followed”.
“The contradictions in Gerald McCann's statements might lead us to suspect a homicide".
"On June 1st 2007 British police had the theory that Madeleine could be dead and the family could be involved".

At present, the Madeleine McCann case has been archived by the Portuguese Police for the last three years.

During this time both Gerald Patrick and Kate McCann could have asked for the case to be reopened.

They did not.

The Portuguese Police need to reopen this case and start again from scratch.

The McCanns’ should be subject to an EU arrest warrant and returned to Portugal to answer questions under oath in a Court of Law as well as the Tapas 7.

Finally, is it not sad that Gerald Patrick and Kate McCann are prepared to travel thousands of miles but on the night of their daughter’s disappearance they never joined the search for her themselves?

Mind you there is rather a lot of money on the table now that wasn’t available in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

I remember Gerald McCann from Glasgow University, he is the kind of person when you walk pass, you instinctively turn round and check.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Post on 22.08.18 13:29 by Verdi

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The McCann's Private Eye is no Banacek

The Belfast Telegraph has published the mumblings of the former Ulster detective, Dave Edgar leading the hunt for Madeleine McCann.

His theory is that Madeleine McCann is imprisoned in a “hellish” lair just like kidnapped sex slave Jaycee Lee Dugard.

What evidence does he have to support this?

Nothing, not a shred of evidence!

Another theory is that she is being held just 10 miles from where she was snatched in Praia da Luz two years ago.

10 miles?

How did he arrive at that conclusion?

A guess and that is also not evidence either.

David Edgar runs Alpha Investigations Group private eye agency so has a financial interest in claiming that Madeleine McCann is alive.

Another claim is that she is held in an underground cellar.

Evidence to support this notion, none!

He bases these theories on the case of Jaycee Dugard who was snatched by Phillip Garrido.

Edgar says;

“This just supports my theory that Maddie is alive and imprisoned.”

Did Garrido kidnap Madeleine McCann?

He also places great faith on the evidence of Jane Tanner, one of the so-called ‘Tapas Seven’ who dined with the McCann’s the night Maddie went missing.

He added;

“Jane is a very reliable witness and there were other sightings of this man, who Jane saw carrying a little girl in a blanket, in the days leading up to the disappearance.”

In my book, Tanner could be a suspect and less we forget she never identify Madeleine by sight in her account of a stranger carrying a child.

Having read his story in the press, this sticks out about his plans for the future;

“I don’t know. We could still be sitting here in 10 years”.

Well the McCann money will certainly take care of his bills for the next ten years then.

The Portuguese Police need to reopen the case of Madeleine McCann.
Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Post on 22.08.18 13:33 by Verdi

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate McCann should be subject to an EU arrest warrant and returned to Portugal

The McCann Circus has gone on long enough.

When Kate McCann was interviewed by the Portuguese Police, she refused to answer questions.

So, let us be clear,in 11 hours of interrogation she answered only one question.

This is a mother who was supposed to be helping the Police find her daughter.

So, why was she wasting their time and resources?

That is another question I would like to know the answer to.

These are the 48 questions:

1. On May 3 2007, around 22:00, when you entered the apartment, what did you see? What did you do? Where did you look? What did you touch?

2. Did you search inside the bedroom wardrobe? (she replied that she wouldn’t answer)

3. (shown 2 photographs of her bedroom wardrobe) Can you describe its contents?

4. Why had the curtain behind the sofa in front of the side window (whose photo was shown to her) been tampered with? Did somebody go behind that sofa?

5. How long did your search of the apartment take after you detected your daughter Madeleine’s disappearance?

6. Why did you say from the start that Madeleine had been abducted?

7. Assuming Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins home alone to go to the ‘Tapas’ and raise the alarm? Because the supposed abductor could still be in the apartment.

8. Why didn’t you ask the twins, at that moment, what had happened to their sister or why didn’t you ask them later on?

9. When you raised the alarm at the ‘Tapas’ what exactly did you say and what were your exact words?

10. What happened after you raised the alarm in the ‘Tapas’?

11. Why did you go and warn your friends instead of shouting from the verandah?

12. Who contacted the authorities?

13. Who took place in the searches?

14. Did anyone outside of the group learn of Madeleine’s disappearance in those following minutes?

15. Did any neighbour offer you help after the disappearance?

16. What does 'we let her down' mean?

17. Did Jane tell you that night that she’d seen a man with a child?

18. How were the authorities contacted and which police force was alerted?

19. During the searches, with the police already there, where did you search for Maddie, how and in what way?

20. Why did the twins not wake up during that search or when they were taken upstairs?

21. Who did you phone after the occurrence?

22. Did you call Sky News?

23. Did you know the danger of calling the media, because it could influence the abductor?

24. Did you ask for a priest?

25. By what means did you divulge Madeleine’s features, by photographs or by any other means?

26. Is it true that during the searches you remained seated on Maddie’s bed without moving?

27. What was your behaviour that night?

28. Did you manage to sleep?

29. Before travelling to Portugal did you make any comment about a foreboding or a bad feeling?
30. What was Madeleine’s behaviour like?

31. Did Maddie suffer from any illness or take any medication?

32. What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister?

33. What was Madeleine’s relationship like with her brother and sister, friends and school mates?

34. As for your professional life, in how many and which hospitals have you worked?

35. What is your medical specialty?

36. Have you ever done shift work in any emergency services or other services?

37. Did you work every day?

38. At a certain point you stopped working, why?

39. Are the twins difficult to get to sleep? Are they restless and does that cause you uneasiness?

40. Is it true that sometimes you despaired with your children’s behaviour and that left you feeling very uneasy?
41. Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative?

42. In England, did you medicate your children? What type of medication?

43. In the case files you were SHOWN CANINE forensic testing films, where you can see them marking due to detection of the scent of human corpse and blood traces, also human, and only human, as well as all the comments of the technician in charge of them. After watching and after the marking of the scent of corpse in your bedroom beside the wardrobe and behind the sofa, pushed up against the sofa wall, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

44. When the sniffer dog also marked human blood behind the sofa, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

45. When the sniffer dog marked the scent of corpse coming from the vehicle you hired a month after the disappearance, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

46. When human blood was marked in the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

47. When confronted with the results of Maddie’s DNA, whose analysis was carried out in a British laboratory, collected from behind the sofa and the boot of the vehicle, did you say you couldn’t explain any more than you already had?

48. Did you have any responsibility or intervention in your daughter’s disappearance?

In the interests of fairness she did answer one question; here it is;

Q. Are you aware that in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation, which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter?

A. 'Yes, if that’s what the investigation thinks.'

So, how do you solve a problem like the McCann’s?

It is called the European Arrest Warrant.

Both Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate McCann need to be detained and transported back to Portugal to answer questions in a Court of Law.

If they refuse to answer questions they should be held in contempt and locked up.

The investigation into Madeleine Beth McCann needs to be reopened by the Police, and if that means going back to the start and redoing very step, then so be it.

The Madeleine Fund need to have its assets frozen until the McCann’s and the ‘Tapas 7’ are investigated.

One thing we know about the McCann’s is that they are prepared to use the law to gag anyone who doesn’t agree with their versions of events.

A version they can't prove, just allege.

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Post on 08.09.18 22:03 by Verdi

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smug Gerald Patrick McCann tells reporter, 'ask the dogs, Sandra', dog replies dead body buried under sand here!

Do you remember the smug replies by Gerald Patrick and Kate McCann when asked by reporter Sandra Felgueiras to explain the findings of the forensic dogs, Eddie and Keela?


“But this is the first time that you give us a big interview not being arguidos, not being arguidos. Since then. erm. So now I feel free to ask you this directly. How can you explain the coincidence of the scent of cadaver found by british and not portuguese dogs?”


“Sandra, maybe you should ask the judiciary because they have examined all evidence. I mean we are also Madeleine's mum and dad and we are desperate for people to help us find Madeleine which is why we are here today. The majority of people are inherently good and I believe the majority of people in Portugal are inherently good people and I am asking them if they will help us spread this message to that person or people.”

Sandra;“So you don't have an explanation for that?”


“Ask the dogs (smirk) Sandra.”


“Ask the dogs? No Gerry. Now I feel free to ask you, don't you feel free to answer me?”


“I can tell you that we have also looked at evidence about (haha) cadaver dogs and they are incredibly unreliable.”Sandra;“Unreliable?”


“Cadaver dogs, yes. That's what the evidence shows, if they are tested scientifically.”

So, the last laugh is on Eddie, a little dog who found the body of Bob Rose buried in sand dunes in Orkney.

I wonder when Gerry Patrick McCann finds out will he still be smirking?

He said, ‘ask the dogs, Sandra’, they have replied.

Eddie replied,

‘is this corpse I discovered buried under sand good enough for you Gerald’?

Eddie is the dog who alerted the world to the scent of death in apartment 5A of the Mccann’s holiday home in Praia da Luz.

It seems that Eddie is a more credible source than highly educated Glasgow University medically trained Gerald Patrick McCann.

And as far as I am aware Eddie the dog has never once lied during the search of Madeleine McCann.

The Portuguese Police should reopen the Madeleine McCann case and treat the case as a murder inquiry.

The track record of Eddie and Keela warrants such a conclusion.

Gerald Patrick and Kate McCann should be arrested under an EU warrant and transported back to Portugal to answer questions they previously refused to answer.

‘Ask the dogs, Sandra’, no, we’re asking you McCann!

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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