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The deafening silence of Sky News Mm11

The deafening silence of Sky News Regist10

The deafening silence of Sky News

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The deafening silence of Sky News Empty The deafening silence of Sky News

Post by Verdi on 07.08.18 23:57

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The deafening silence of Sky News

The deafening silence of Sky News REPLY%2BFROM%2BSKY%2BNEWS

On May 28th I sent a email to the “Sky News Library Sales”, asking them authorization to reproduce two videos hat are not available in Internet, of two newscast from Martin Brunt and Andrew Wilson, on September 11th 2007.
I had a quick answer, next day, from Mr. Matt Reynolds, explaining me that the right to reproduce those videos, for one year, in my blog, would cost me 750 pounds. I send them a detailed indication about the newscasts I was searching for, on June 1st.

In the first newscast, Andrew Wilson said, on September 11th 2007, in front of the Portimão Court building, that “Today, the Spanish police sent the files of the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann to the magistrate in charge of the case.”
The second newscast was broadcasted at 4:00 am of September 12th 2007, and it was the public confession of Mr. Martin Brunt that his “breaking story” about “Portuguese police” having already the results of the analysis made by Forensic Science Service that showed “three 100% matches of Madelene McCann DNA”, one of them in a sample taken from the boot of the Renault Scenic, “was burnt out…”

Until now, I had no reply from Mr. Matt Reynolds or anyone from “Sky News Library Sales”. I send two more email, the two last days, asking them for news about my request. No answer, until now.

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