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A review of 'KILL JILL', the latest DVD investigation by Richard D Hall, on the murder of Jill Dando

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A review of 'KILL JILL', the latest DVD investigation by Richard D Hall, on the murder of Jill Dando

Post by Tony Bennett on 14.05.18 23:24

Richard D Hall's latest crime investigation is out on DVD, available for sale at this link:

I have seen it, all 2.5 hours, and offer my review below.

This is Richard's official intro to this film:

"Following on from the success of his Madeleine McCann investigative films, Richard D. Hall turns his attention to the 1999 assassination of Jill Dando. There are many theories about why she was murdered. This film looks at all of them and brings comprehensive evidence to light, which was not considered by the official investigation. Richard D. Hall firmly believes the hunt for the killer was deliberately steered, by British Intelligence, away from the true perpetrators. If the state becomes involved in a crime, then the police, who are run by the state, will never be allowed to solve it. Prepare to open your mind and discover the truth behind one of the UK's most prominent unsolved murders".


I can't give the plot away but I can say that the first half of this film puts together a number of pieces of information relating to the killing of Jill Dando which, in his usual manner, Richard has researched in depth, with visits to actual locations, interviews with relevant individuals, and ending up with a convincing alternative explanation for Jill Dando's murder which no-one hitherto has even thought possible.

All I will say is that it is related to dramatic events in the lead-up to the day Jill was assassinated in cold blood.

One of the main interests in the case, which has been discussed before on CMOMM, is the eerie series of parallels between the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the murder of Jill Dando. These Richard highlights in his film.

To mention some:

DANDO: BBC reporter Clarence Mitchell first at the scene
McCANN: Head of the Media Monitoring Unit Clarence Mitchell PR representative for the McCanns for 11 years


DANDO: DCSupt Hamish Campbell was the Met Police Officer who ran the wholly discredited, wrongful prosecution of Barry Bulsara/George for Jill's murder
McCANN: DCSupt Hamish Campbell in 2011 devised the remit for Operation Grange which was to "only investigate an abduction scenario " (recently criticised by Colin Sutton) 


DANDO: Phantom suspect/perpetrator: Barry Bulsara/George
McCANN: Phantom suspect abductors: Tannerman, Sagresman, Smithman, Monsterman...and dozens of others


(McCANN:   Deliberate media spin and suppression of facts in both cases

(McCANN:    Significant involvement of state security services in both cases.

Before watching, I rather doubted that Richard could come up with a valid alternative to the two main rival theories so far about why Jill Dando was murdered, namely (a) it was ordered by career criminal Kenneth Noye or (b) that she had stumbled on Savile/a paedophile ring at the BBC. 

But I think he has succeeded in establishing a credible alternative scenario. 

motive for the killing is supplied - and a motive for what he suggests was the ‘fitting-up’ of Barry Bulsara/George who, it will be recalled, spent an amazing 8 years in jail for a crime he most certainly did not commit. A Court of Appeal hearing eventually freed him. 

Richard plays parts of the last Crimewatch Jill Dando ever fronted and points out clues to Jill Dando's murder within those clips.

Fascinating research as usual    



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Tony Bennett

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Re: A review of 'KILL JILL', the latest DVD investigation by Richard D Hall, on the murder of Jill Dando

Post by Marco on 15.05.18 22:38

I noticed Hamish being appointed by grange at the time and the hairs on the back of my neck went up after watching the Dando op unfold. Can't wait to see another RDH film.

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