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Is Europe being invaded!

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Is Europe being invaded!

Post by willowthewisp on 06.04.18 17:50

BBC Headlines has an interesting article about the Hungarian Leader Viktor Orban on who is Leading Europe?

Mr Orban has been linked to Politics in Hungary for many years,deposing rule of his Country by the former Soviet Union entourage.
Viktor Orban and George Soros share a remarkable bit of History,where at One stage in his early political career,Mr Orban accepted the offer of a"Scholarship" from Pembroke College,Oxford,now thirty or more years later,Mr Orban has to keep a close watch on Mr Soros and Non Governmental Officials undermining Viktors future?

It seems as though Mr Orban has upset the proverbial Apple Cart by accepting funds from the European Union,receiving funds to promote his Country by re-building infrastructure 3-4 Billion euros,but now wanting the EU to pay 700-800 Million Euros for the "Migrant protection" along Hungary's Borders,being concerned that ultimately,his Country under the Schengan agreement would be responsible on a first "Safe Haven" principle drawn up by EU Leaders,left holding thousands of desperate migrants,on housing and employment problems!?

It seems as though Four fellow Eastern Bloc Countries appear to be"Defining" EU understandings of Not wishing to fully implement European Rules on who Governs or controls the Judicial processes,that perhaps Mr Soros and his cohorts from the Bilderberg clan are thought to be challenging these four Countries, by using NGO's that when they accepted to Join the EU,they must for go certain responsibilities of who actually is in charge of the processes within this structure,eg Your part of Europe now and Europe dictates what they follow not individual Governments within their Country?

It seems as though Mr Orban believes that he can Usurp Mrs Merkel's power by dealing with Individual companies from Germany, but the German Dogs tail cannot control the other bodily parts,except to possibly have an accident on the best carpets,the dog will soon learn who it's Master is,down Viktor!
You have already signed deals with Russia against our advice on Nuclear energy,Gas contracts,it seems as though Viktor thinks he can buy services from the Former Soviet Union by passing EU rule and regulations from when they signed up to EU legislation?

So All doesn't appear fine and dandy within the European rose garden it seems?

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Re: Is Europe being invaded!

Post by BlueBag on 07.04.18 8:10

Did anyone vote for Mr Soros?

So much power, so little accountibility.

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