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Two letters. My final reply to bluj1515 (Right to Reply) Mm11

Two letters. My final reply to bluj1515 (Right to Reply) Regist10

Two letters. My final reply to bluj1515 (Right to Reply)

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Two letters. My final reply to bluj1515 (Right to Reply) Empty Two letters. My final reply to bluj1515 (Right to Reply)

Post by Tony Bennett on 13.12.09 20:29

bluj1515 published another tirade against me on a forum known as PFA2. This was intended to be a reply to my earlier response to her/his first tirade.

bluj1515 demanded that his second tirade be posted up here for all to see. I did post it up here on the other thread for all to see as s/he requested.

Both contributions from bluj1515 were vocally and enthusiastically supported by many others on PFA2 and indeed elsewhere, thus revealing a very great deal about their character, just as bluj1515's two contributions speak eloquently about her/his personality.

bluj1515's second contribution did not answer or apologise for any of the false allegations s/he made in the first post, and s/he made further baseless allegations; again this has all been cheered on by folk on PFA2 who are, whether they know it or not, cheering on someone who posts up for the world to see false allegations and outright lies.

For those reasons, I did not intend to make a further response to bluj1515.

However, over the weekend, I have had two e-mails from people I have never met. Normally I would not post such letters, of which, mercifully, I get quite a few, but on this occasion I will post both letters as I think they speak much better in my own defence than I can myself.

On a previous occasion - in January this year - I posted up on the old 3As Forum some two dozen-odd testimonials I had received from those who had read '60 Reasons'. It was only a selection of many such letters expressing appreciation for the content of '60 Reasons'. But one notorious poster - 'nicked' - who claimed to be a genuine researcher into Madeleine's disappearance but was exposed one day when she claimed that everything the 'Tapas 9' had ever said was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth - immediately rushed into print claiming that I'd invented all these book endorsements.

I guess I run that risk again, but here, for the record, and unedited, are the two letters I received, one on Saturday, and the second received today on my return from Bournemouth, where by the way we had a lovely walk with my mother in Branksome Dene Chine:


Dear Mr Bennett

Allow me to convey to you my utmost respect for the person that you are.

The only forum I belong is the maddiecasefiles, but I do read all about the Madeleine case and especially about the Foundation where such articles/info is available openly, without having to join any forum, on the net.

I wish to congratulate you and convey my appreciation for the calm and decent not to mention open and obviously honest manner in which you respond to the untold number of accusations against yourself.

Oftentimes I realise that there is no reason for you to report the financials of the Foundation, other than to its own members. Yet you do and people like myself do appreciate that transparency.

There is no reason for you to accept and live with the total onslaught against your past (with which myself and I am sure many many other individuals, can find no fault with at all) personal life and even your family. Yet you face that unfair and uncalled for onslaught in a most dignified manner.

I once donated a small sum to the Foundation, and can assure you, that if said few pounds would have been utilised to treat yourself and your wife to say a small meal or anything personal, it would have been my pleasure. If you were to buy your wife a bunch of flowers with my few pounds it would have been an even bigger pleasure,

If you were to receive a salary or a retainer from the Foundation, I cannot imagine that members nor donators would have objected, as you obviously do spend a tremendous amount of time and effort on and for a cause we all believe in.

Be assured of my continued support and admiration for you and the work of the Foundation.

With respect and sincere best wishes.

And a huge THANK YOU

[name withheld]


Hello Tony,

It's a few months since we spoke. I dive into this case from time to time on the web as I am still a very interested onlooker.

Listened to your piece (YouTube)* with Maurice Boland on Talk Europe or whatever they call it. Well done for hanging in there with him, who (like many talk shows hosts) seemed far too interested in telling us all about himself and his stupid holidays as a parent to three young boys etc.

I watched 'The Truth of the Lie' once more this morning and it always brings me back to the police in Portugal believing that any form of abduction was virtually impossible from the evidence that they collected.

I saw Clarence Mitchell on a tube train recently - does he live in the Highgate area of North London? I almost felt tempted to speak to him, but managed to refrain.

With another book released in Portugal in the last few days by our policeman friend it's sure to give the legal teams back here in the UK a lot more work to do.

The new publication deals with the intervention of the authorities over here in the case and it may open things up a little.

I still think the truth will be known one day - whatever that really is.

Please keep up your good work on this matter, it is clear from listening to you that you are only interested in the truth and justice.

I wish you and your family all the best for Christmas and The New Year.

Much respect,

[name withheld]


* P.S. Under normal circumstances I would have given the internet link for this but for legal reasons which could mean that I might be in breach of a Court undertaking, I am not able to do so. Staff of Carter-Ruck are paid by a retainer agreement between the McCanns and two of their top libel lawyers Adam Tudor and Isabel Hudson to monitor the internet to make sure I do not libel the McCanns, so l regret I am unable to publish the link.
Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

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Two letters. My final reply to bluj1515 (Right to Reply) Empty Re: Two letters. My final reply to bluj1515 (Right to Reply)

Post by Guest on 13.12.09 21:00

Tony I am Interested in Pursuing Your Crusade for Justice but With Madeleine StilL missing and the recent events in Portugal, Perhaps we should Concentrate on Her.

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