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TV Programme,Virgin TV

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TV Programme,Virgin TV

Post by willowthewisp on 09.03.18 3:45

Hi I only caught various snippets from the TV show,flipping between channels,Commercials etc,But Wow,what an amazing Programme,showing dodgy Dave Cameron and cohorts but to be nothing but duplicitous in nature of wanting to close down on Tax evasion for the elites in Society,they had his speech from his lips,which contradicted what he had done!
The TV show was called A Spiders Web produced for the channel"Together" and it had exclusive footage of a former HMRC who told the House Of Common's Select Committee, on what they could pursue for Tax arrangements and what he was Not prepared to Divulge to the Committee on how companies had got a round the HMRC Tax rules?
Who then retired to be Rehired by Deloitte as head of their Overseas Corporate arrangements,they had a fake"Awards Ceremony"celebrating this Former HMRC person(Squirming) was to receive the award,Once they were rumbled the"Well Heeled black Tie crew" quickly ejected them,but you could tell by the looks on their faces,they thought it was a genuine Award Ceremony,all the Toffs cheering,"for hes a jolly good fellow",until rumbled,then sheepish looks set in!

The Programme showed how all the Parasites from Parliament are very quickly near the"Feeding Trough"being elected to inner circles and on the boards of certain Companies,Business acumen of how they secretly stash the cash in Offshore Accounts,slush funds,Jersey,Bardados!
The Programme showed how the Banks from the West had fleeced Assets from Africa of over $980 Billion invested in"Offshore accounts",whilst granting their Paymasters further Debts of Over $180 billion supposed to be used to develop their economy to repay to the Banks from the West?
Ergo,the Big boys had assets,investments of 5/6 stored Offshore,with 1/6th to repay the $180 billion regardless of what they had stolen by legal means?
The Programme showed how the European Union,Brussels had been approached persons from around London by over 330 times on"Offshore Accounts" and future European Directives? 
These slush funds had been used to mask War chests,Vietnam and Imperialist structures throughout different Continents,the elites looking after no One.

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