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Another child mauled by a pitt bull

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Another child mauled by a pitt bull

Post by kangdang on 04.10.10 10:58

Yesterday afternoon I heard a terrible commotion just a few doors away, it sounded as though someone was being murdered. I went to have a look and see if I could be of any assistance, it transpired that a neighbour's cat had been killed by two pitt bulls right in front of her eyes. The owner of mutts is a young lad (rumoured to be a drug dealer, he certainly fits the stereotypical image), he is seen on a daily basis with the hounds, they are never on leads or muzzled. Anyway, he was apparently walking past the property and shouted cat, the dogs launched their deathly attack, grabbing the cat by its neck and tossing it around like a rag doll. The lad stood back and laughed. Once the dogs were finished he legged it down the road, dogs in following.

The police were was only a cat! Despite that there is always high numbers of children about during the week due to an infant and primary school being literally yards away.

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Re: Another child mauled by a pitt bull

Post by Guest on 04.10.10 11:24

How absolutely awful. Both stories. It is not the animal's fault it is the irresponsible owners. I can't believe the police didn't do anything about it. That lad needs putting in jail, and teaching a lesson. As for that poor little girl, the trauma she must have suffered, not to say the facial injuries which could leave her scarred for life. It makes my blood boil, that such people are allowed to keep pets, and when something like this happens the animal gets destroyed, and the owner gets a slap on the wrist, and usually a few hours of community service or a suspended sentence. If they came down really hard on these people, they would think twice about keeping these animals, or at the very least have them muzzled when they take them out.

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