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Smart Speakers

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Smart Speakers

Post by polyenne on 14.02.18 13:53

Amazon has been cleared by the advertising watchdog after a television ad for its Echo Dot smart speaker activated a viewer's device and placed an order for cat food.
The commercial, which aired on 5 October, showcased people using the device in various situations and included a man saying, "Alexa, re-order Purina cat food," to which the virtual assistant replied: "I've found Purina cat food - would you like to buy it?"
Although Amazon has said such ads are "marked" to prevent them from triggering responses from devices in homes, the complainant's device had gone ahead and placed the order.

Is there anyone else who thinks this is scary....they can "mark" content on a TV so that it can't trigger a smart speaker ??!!

The kids bought me an Echo Dot for Christmas together with a number of plug-in adaptors such that I might turn electrical items on and off remotely via a mobile phone app. I've politely declined to have the Dot plugged in as I'm convinced it is able to listen in. I'm told that it will only react when you say "Alexa" but surely it needs to be listening in order to react to the command.

Not in my back yard !!

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