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A "Solution"That Fits All The Data?

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A "Solution"That Fits All The Data?

Post by F.Ridge on 30.01.18 11:34

The "Solution" that I am about to propose will be seen as outrageous by most but is not in my opinion,beyond the realms of possibility.
It is by no means new but has in the past been offered as a sort of hybrid solution lumped in with other well discussed urban myths.

However,if presented in it's simplest form and if true,such a scenario would do the following :

1)Explain the monumental cover up.
2)Explain the necessity for the intervention by the British government.
3)Provide a reason for the solidarity and "Pact of silence" between the T9.
4)Explain the hugely baffling question as to why so may people were "Directed" into covering up what appears to be such an evil deed.

5)Negate the possibility of a sinister ending to Madeleine's life and explain why a fatal accident needed to be covered up at all costs.
6)Embraces the "Tapas nights" deception theory which claims the children were never left alone but all were being looked after in one apartment by a single T9 "Sickly absentee".
7)Add a new dimension to David Payne's sickeningly unacceptable comments as overheard by Katherine Gaspar.
8)Offer an explanation as to why no DNA was found in 5A.

Ok,so the simple answer is that Madeleine was not conceived as a result of IVF treatment but came into the world when Kate agreed to take part in a top secret guinea pig trial in which she provided the donor cells.In other words Madeleine was a clone of Kate!

Now,all points save number 7 are self explanatory so I will just deal with that one before I throw this one out and become the subject of ridicule and a have to brave the torrent of insurmountable objections!

First of all I must say,there are no excuses for such a sickening comment by David Payne but in light of my proposal,a completely different dimension is brought to this nauseating episode.

Imagine a two laddish-at-heart types (in our case Gerry and David) discussing "bedroom antics" and what their respective partners enjoy.
If David was privy (Along with other members of the T9) to the secret of Madeleine's origin,maybe his joking was based around a presentation of Madeleine as being an exact clone of Kate "In every way"!!

Just some wild musings.Over to you guys............

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Re: A "Solution"That Fits All The Data?

Post by ChippyM on 30.01.18 12:38

Yes they are wild musings.

If some group somewhere was doing a top secret trial where they illegally cloned people, why not keep the resulting child under lock and key in a secure lab where they will never 'lose' their experiment?

 Why would they send their experiment to live with it's donor cells / 'mother', to Leciester?  Why would they even inform the donor that there was a child? They are doing something illegal to start with, no need to be ethical. 

Then this top secret group waits till their clone is on holiday in a foreign country, steals back their experiment but manages to leave the scent of death and blood at the scene. Ooop!s they violently killed their valuable experiment.

Then.....the parents invite a media circus to look for the experimental clone which the Top Secret group could have just kept hidden in a lab somewhere in the first place?

Nope.  It's pure speculation with nothing factual or logical to back it up.


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