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Parents Allowed Paedophiles To Abuse Girls

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Parents Allowed Paedophiles To Abuse Girls

Post by Guest on 01.10.10 20:02

Parents Allowed Paedophiles To Abuse Girls

5:41pm UK, Friday October 01, 2010

Gary Mitchell, Sky News Online

A couple who let paedophiles abuse their adopted daughters in a "deplorable and terrible betrayal of trust" have been jailed.

The parents failed to protect the girls from Colin Molloy, pictured, and Sam Nelson

A judge said the pair had totally failed to protect the girls, who had both told their parents about their ordeals.

The couple did nothing to prevent further attacks and the mother told the older daughter she could not step in because one of the paedophiles "helped them with money and a car".

The husband and wife, aged 56 and 55, who live in the Trafford borough of Greater Manchester, were convicted of child cruelty.

The adoptive father was earlier found guilty of sexually abusing the eldest girl over a six-year period.

Judge Jonathan Geake sentenced the husband to nine years in jail while his wife was jailed for five years at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

Last year, paedophiles Colin Molloy and Sam Nelson were jailed after admitting a string of sexual offences involving the vulnerable youngsters, which started when they were as young as seven and 13.

This was a deplorable and total failure to protect those two girls.

Judge Jonathan Geake
Molloy, 46, admitted nine counts of raping the younger girl, while Nelson, 43, pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activity with both girls.

The girls complained to their mother about Nelson and Molloy, while the father was made aware of Molloy.

Sentencing the parents, Judge Geake said: "This was a deplorable and total failure to protect those two girls from the risks posed.

"These were children adopted by you and because of their unfortunate start in life they were probably more vulnerable than other children."

Both parents, who cannot be named to protect the girls' identities, relied on babysitting, lifts home and also took cash from Molloy and Nelson.

"You were prepared to put your own practical convenience before their safety," Judge Gleake said.

"This was a deplorable and terrible betrayal of trust."

Following conviction, Manchester City Council, which carried out the adoption
process, said a "full assessment and proper checks" were carried out on the parents.

The two girls are now in foster care elsewhere.

Yet another horrific story

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Re: Parents Allowed Paedophiles To Abuse Girls

Post by aiyoyo on 01.10.10 20:19

Jesus H. Christ!

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Re: Parents Allowed Paedophiles To Abuse Girls

Post by Cherry on 01.10.10 22:53

Unfortunately more common than you would think, parents letting others abuse their children often for some kind of financial gain (as well as abusing the children themselves).

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