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Andrew Johnson's presentation on the Madeleine McCann mystery

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Andrew Johnson's presentation on the Madeleine McCann mystery

Post by Bayonne on 04.12.17 21:52

Andrew Johnson gave a presentation about the case and has produced a video in three parts. Andrew has been a regular guest on Richplanet and has a website,

This presentation, which was given to a small audience in Yorkshire in Dec 2017, is a summary of the content in Richard D Hall’s 17 hours of film about the Madeleine McCann case.
In early 2017, I was asked by 2 friends to do a presentation about the case for their group. I consulted with Richard and he kindly sent me some of the slides he had created. I then created my own additional slides, largely based on notes I made from viewing Richard Hall’s films. I may therefore have introduced errors, which shouldn’t be blamed on Richard or other researchers.
It is suggested you work your way through the documentaries yourself, viewing them on the first 2 websites listed below.
Thank you for watching this presentation. I hope it helps you to find the truth.

Part one
Part two
Part three


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