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Aunty Janet

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Aunty Janet

Post by Jill Havern on 03.12.17 10:49

Posted on CMOMM facebook by: Mikki Wells Admin · 1 hr


This post is not my own writing (I figured we could take a break from my ramblings!), I have merely copy/pasted a proportion of Janet Kennedy's statements (Kate McCann's aunt; the woman married to her mother's brother), specifically extracts that I believe are the most startling or significant.

You can read all of it here (if you are so inclined):

What do you notice about this? What stands out to you? Is this a woman overwhelmed with love and desperate concern for her missing grand-niece? Or are these the words of someone determined to exculpate Kate and Gerry, and quite brazenly paint them as 'practically perfect'?

The focus is quite clearly NOT on Madeleine. One of many things that stands out for me is the preoccupation in telling us that Madeleine was HAPPY... this insistence that Madeleine was definitely 'happy' (and well cared for) is repeated over and over, by many friends and relatives of the McCanns, and by crèche staff too - see my post "If you're lying and you know it":

"...Madeleine recited the book 'We're going on a bear hunt'. She recited this fantastically and *without any evidence of unhappiness*."

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this statement that reads to me like it's been written by the President of the Kate and Gerry Fan Club. I have made a couple of comments (in square brackets).

Extracts of Janet Kennedy's statement:

"Kate possesses a natural maternal instinct, also due to having worked in obstetrics in new Zealand and in Glasgow. Kate worries about people, she is kind and courteous. Gerry is a typical male and is very organised, but I feel it is Kate who dominates. [NOTE: see 'amended statement' at the bottom of this post] Gerry adores Kate. At times, Gerry appears to be totally absorbed in his work showing some difficulty concentrating outside of this realm. Kate brings him back to reality. At times, he can appear rude or curt. I would say that they have a fresh relationship, and they are very much in love with one another and admire each other immensely. [WTF?] Gerry is very paternal, not only with his children but this is a natural trait that has nothing to do with his experience as a doctor."

...As parents, Kate and Gerry did not let their children cry... [erm..?] Kate is good with motherhood; she is calm and has the capacity of maintaining equilibrium between the children and cares for all their necessities.

I never saw Kate or Gerry punish the children physically, and as referred to previously in this statement, they make use of other strategies which the children seemed to take well to. I never saw Kate or Gerry administer any type of medication to help the children sleep. Both Amelie and Madeleine have taken 'Calpol' (paracetamol) to control fever, but nothing more."

"...On the day before the Portugal trip, I went to their house to keep the children occupied whilst Kate and Gerry packed their bags. We went to the garden and Madeleine recited the book 'We're going on a bear hunt'. She recited this fantastically and without any evidence of unhappiness.

I feel a great injustice in relation to Kate and Gerry to the way people judged them. They checked on their children constantly; the children always came first so that their routine was not disturbed. Kate and Gerry believed that it was safe. Relative to the allegation that Madeleine made regarding Sean's crying, I do not have any idea what possessed Madeleine to make such an affirmation and also would state that Madeleine had a very fertile imagination."

"...Their life was optimal, the development of Madeleine was good, she began walking and talking very early. She was smart, attentive and full of imagination. The twins were born in 2005 and I remember that Kate was great with both of them and Madeleine. Kate possessed a diary for the twins and their feedings. Madeleine dealt well with the arrival of the twins although she was only 22 months old at the time. There was occasionally a pinch or a poke but nothing more than pure jealously. As they began to grow up, they loved their older sister, and spent a lot of time with her. Madeleine taught them many things... I remember one occasion when I was taking care of them and Madeleine took out her doctor play toys and used the thermometer to hit Sean on the head. I spoke with her about taking care of her siblings and not hurting them, at which time she hit Sean once again -- Madeleine was like this, very energetic."

"We never travelled together as a family. We did have a trip planned for October of last year but sadly, after the disappearance, it was not realised. We have spent important family time at Christmas and Easter. We have also spent some time in Kate and Gerrys house during the children's birthdays. At one celebration, we got to know David and Fiona Payne who are intimate friends of theirs. L*** Payne is the same age as Madeleine, and Kate and Fiona became friends as the children grew. What is evident is that both mothers are similarly dedicated and loving. David appears to be an emotionally calm man with a good heart. Kate always said that he was too kind and at work needed to be a bit more forceful."

Additional (subsequent) statement, in which Mrs Kennedy seeks to slightly amend something she said in her previous statement. Make of it what you will:

Leicestershire Police Force
Witness Statement
Janet Kennedy
Occupation: Remedial Teacher
Statement consists of 1 page and is true and in accordance with my understanding.
Date 16th May 2008
This statement was elaborated at my request, following a series of interrogations carried out at Leicestershire police HQ on 14th April 2008. The interrogations were part of the investigation into the disappearance of my grand-niece Madeleine McCann. I would like to clarify a statement made during the two interrogations, which due to being translated from English to Portuguese, I think could have been mis-interpreted. Instead of using the term 'is the one who dominates' with regard to the relationship between Kate and Gerry, I would like to state that they respect each other's decisions and all decisions are taken together. It was Kate's own proposal to stay at home and look after the children instead of returning to work as a doctor.

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Jill Havern

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Re: Aunty Janet

Post by polyenne on 03.12.17 13:55

The phrase “without any evidence of unhappiness” reads to me like something was about to happen to Madeleine that she (Madeleine) was aware of and was expected to make her unhappy.

The only thing I can think of, that she could have been told is that she was going somewhere and wouldn’t be coming back to that to which she’d become accustomed. Something that didn’t have “nasty” connotations (that she’d be scared of rather than unhappy). Like being told you’re going on a “long holiday” and might not see Mummy, Daddy or the twins for a while.

Was she “given” to someone/some people in Portugal for a few days ?
Was she expected back having served whatever purpose and, when she wasn’t returned, the sh*t hit the fan hence the cries of “THEY’VE taken her” ??


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Re: Aunty Janet

Post by jazega on 03.12.17 22:18

Aunty Janet : "and who HAD a wonderful imagination.She IS a fantastic little girl."
Aunty Janet poor grammar or what.


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Re: Aunty Janet

Post by G-Unit on 03.12.17 23:01

Some parts of her statement seem not to agree with Kate's account  in her book;

When Madeleine was born, the entire family was present to help support Kate who did not return to work as she felt her place was at home. Following the birth of the twins, she only returned to work part-time when they were one year old.

in some ways returning to work part-time in November 2003, while Madeleine started at a nursery near our home, was not such a bad thing [madeleine]

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Re: Aunty Janet

Post by worriedmum on 04.12.17 0:25

Why did she mention the 'thermometer incident'?

'I have no idea what possessed Madeleine to make such an affirmation'- this has a very different tenor to saying,for example, 'I don't know why Madeleine said that'.

'very fertile imagination'-  this sounds pejorative to me. It's not intended as a compliment IMO.

I don't get a very warm feeling about the relationship between Madeleine and Aunty Janet.

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Re: Aunty Janet

Post by MayMuse on 04.12.17 0:50

Some adults can be very jealous of children ( particularly the same sex)  especially when they are pretty and bright!

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Re: Aunty Janet

Post by sandancer on 04.12.17 13:57

@G-Unit wrote:Some parts of her statement seem not to agree with Kate's account  in her book;

When Madeleine was born, the entire family was present to help support Kate who did not return to work as she felt her place was at home. Following the birth of the twins, she only returned to work part-time when they were one year old.

in some ways returning to work part-time in November 2003, while Madeleine started at a nursery near our home, was not such a bad thing [madeleine]

" When Madeleine was born  the entire family was present to help support Kate ....." 

Why was it thought necessary for the " entire family " to be present after the birth of the first child ? " To help support Kate " ? 

After the birth of  twins , yes two new babies and a toddler to cope with , not easy at all ! 

A new baby is always a joy an IVF longed for baby even more . Why was the entire family present and why was Kate in need of so much support ?

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Re: Aunty Janet

Post by Verdi on 04.12.17 15:38

I will immediately add Janet Kennedy to the 'Key Witness Statements' thread thumbsup.

She might not be directly involved with Madeleine's disappearance but she's sure got a tale to tell.

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