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Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask Mm11

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Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask

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Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask Empty Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask

Post by Jill Havern on 25.11.17 12:41

Posted on CMOMM facebewk by one of my admin team:


Mikki Wells
Admin · November 21 at 6:07am

G. P. McCann: the man behind the mask

The following is all just my own opinion. I accept that I could be wrong or misguided, and in fact would welcome persuasive evidence to convince me that I am.

"Gerry McCann: a man so impoverished that all he has is money. And let's say nothing about how he acquired most of that money."
I've not written much about Madeleine's 'father', because as I explained in my post "By the (text)book", I don't really find him very interesting.

He's a textbook psychopath; nothing less and certainly nothing more. As such, while he is clearly alarmingly aberrant, manipulative and deviant, and appears (initially at least) an interesting subject for armchair psychologists, as we become accustomed to his quirks, smirks and various other jarring incongruences, we realise that he is in fact merely a human being with the same frailties as the rest of us, and that the only difference between him and those of us 'normal people' with morals, scruples, sound-mindedness and a conscience is that.... quite simply, he has no morals, scruples, sound-mindedness or conscience.

Make no mistake: the distinct lack of those things in this man (and in others, too, but he is one of only a few main players) are primarily what has enabled this mystery to continue for over 10 years, and almost certainly what precipitated it.

His one overriding vulnerability is that pesky thing called The Truth. He has a phobia, an aversion, an *intolerance* to FACTS. He cannot abide reality, entrenched as he is in lies, fantasy, misdirection, denials and delusions. This is why presenting him with facts or uncomfortable truths (in particular "the truth of his lies") is likely to provoke the infamous 'narcissistic rages', telling glimpses of which we have been shown, for example:


For those of you who have, like me, been unfortunate enough to have lived with a malignant narcissist/ psychopath, what you will see clearly in both the above clips is what is known as the 'slipping of the mask'. With cameras pointed at him, he has to 'restrain himself', but you can see what a struggle it is for him. You can see glimpses of the disturbed individual he really is underneath the bluster and bravado: the sinister glint in the eye, the snarling lip, the dismissive shrug, the contemptuous sneer.

The one interesting thing about G.P.M, if you can call it that, is that he only has the most superficial and fragile of 'masks'. Most psychopaths strenuously pretend to the outside world to be a good, admirable person. They tend to exhibit the appropriate emotional responses at the appropriate times (i.e. when they have an audience); they choose their words carefully and with mindful consideration, and they feign compassion, sorrow and humanity (and do so with total conviction) when it is necessary and expected of them to do so. Gerry can't be arsed. Never has. What you see is pretty much what you get. It's what is known as 'overt narcissism'. The astonishing thing is that he doesn't see an issue with his actions (and inactions). He thinks he is not only *totally and inarguably in the right*, he genuinely presumes to be superior to everyone else, in every way. There is NO self-reflection, NO introspection, just a leviathan ego and a fearsome, formidable sense of self-preservation that eclipses everything and everyone else.

Why do I strongly suspect that this heartless heart specialist, this man who unselfconsciously smiled, smirked, yawned, fidgeted, shrugged, evaded, trivialised, denied and bombastically belly-laughed his way through trademarking and commoditising his dead daughter, remorselessly desecrating her memory, even after having relinquished parental responsibility for her, is a bona fide textbook psychopath?
Need I elucidate further? See attached pics of a father supposedly experiencing "every parent's worst nightmare" and tell me I'm wrong.
Then finally watch this interview from 2011 - one in which he is beaming, positively glowing; indeed he appears jubilant, chemically high and - quite frankly - utterly, utterly insane throughout. Like he's about to burst into laughter or song. Just look at his face! Animated, not a single line of worry or stress, a smile continually playing on his skinny lying lips.... The man is certifiable. There's duping delight, and then there's "Gerry McCann Euphoria".
This is my first post exclusively on the subject of Madeleine Beth McCann's 'father', and it will be my last, because quite frankly he nauseates me and does not deserve the honour of being a 'father'.

Again, I must add, all of the above is *only my opinion*.

Opinion based on plentiful observable facts; but yes, still just an opinion nonetheless.

Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask 23658433_10155930337282238_1335256255521586753_n
Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask 23659234_10155930337162238_2188581710168240641_n
Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask 23794814_10155930337167238_8485018467969265913_n
Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask 23659452_10155930337407238_195585747487664911_n
Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask 23722433_10155930337497238_8072467486896287296_n
Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask 23658565_10155930337157238_403380697591736540_n
Gerry P McCann: The Man Behind the Mask 23795710_10155930337502238_6783815036073048717_n

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