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What is a Foreign Secretary's Job?

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What is a Foreign Secretary's Job?

Post by willowthewisp on 27.10.17 18:40

At the present moment over 1 million people are being systematically, Genocide,Ethnically removed form their Home land,that the UK had governed over?
The woman are being systematically Raped by the soldiers,the males,females and children brutalised,murdered,yet the UK Foreign Secretary,Boris Johnson,has said what exactly,what has happened to the Rohingya people,Zilch?
But Brexit,must take precedent over these people,the United Nations action so far,No enacting of Genocide against the perpetrators,there must be No Oil there to exploit?
where are you Boris,Your the Foreign Secretary,do your Job,what your paid to do?

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Re: What is a Foreign Secretary's Job?

Post by Julie on 27.10.17 22:07


Hi there. 

I most often find your input very interesting. However (and please don't think I'm being rude), your comments are a little difficult to read. Please would you mind for the benefit of eager readers to always put a finger space after punctuation marks (like full stops and commas)? I personally think that readers will take you more seriously if you do.

Kind regards


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