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Proposed petition calling for a 'NO DEAL BREXIT'

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Proposed petition calling for a 'NO DEAL BREXIT'

Post by Tony Bennett on 16.10.17 8:04

I thought right from Day 1 of the negotiations with the EU that they would never offer us a fair deal.

They want as much loot as they can get from us. And they want to limit our access to their much-vaunted 'single market'.

Theresa May has frequently said 'No deal is better than a Bad deal'. I agree 100%, and so do many others.

The 'Remainers' are trying every trick in the book to keep us in the EU...opinion polls purporting to show a majority for Remain, doom-and-gloom about a 'cliff-edge' if there is No deal, economic disaster ahead if there is No deal etc. ...on and on it goes.

The case FOR 'No Deal' is powerful:

1 We will be free from 29 March 2019 to strike our own trade deals with other countries, instead of the EU doing it for us
2 We will be free of all the entanglements we currently have with being EU members
3 If we leave without a deal, we will owe them NOTHING. It has been admitted by the EU that there is no legal mechanism for the EU to recover a penny from us after 29 March 2019 (We have said we will just pay them 'what we owe' anyway)
4 We will be free from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice
5 If they threaten loss of access to their single market, we simply respond by saying: "You do that, and we'll limit YOUR access to OUR market". They sell more to us than we do to them

My proposed petition wording would be:

We call on the Prime Minister to



I need FIVE other people to give me their e-mail addresses in support, because to launch a petition on the Prime Minister's website, the Petition Committee needs to see that the petitioner has at least FIVE supporters.

If you can help, please 'pm' me with your email address, or send me an email at:

Don't leave it to the others, if you support the proposed petition, please 'pm' me right now.

Thanks in advance!


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Tony Bennett

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Re: Proposed petition calling for a 'NO DEAL BREXIT'

Post by sallypelt on 03.02.18 12:29

There is only ONE man for this job..................NIGEL FARAGE.

C'mon Nigel, get the ball rolling like only you can do!


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Re: Proposed petition calling for a 'NO DEAL BREXIT'

Post by sallypelt on 03.02.18 12:31

Nigel Farage‏Verified account @Nigel_Farage  3h3 hours ago  

Sorry to see @Jacob_Rees_Mogg confronted like this yesterday. As I know well he will now need security.

Nigel Farage‏Verified account @Nigel_Farage 14h14 hours ago

These young people that scream words like ‘fascist’ and have now become the fascists themselves.


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Re: Proposed petition calling for a 'NO DEAL BREXIT'

Post by sallypelt on 06.02.18 23:28

Surprise, surprise. And there was I thinking I was being cynical, when I was correct all along. OF COURSE they are going to punish us. It was always on the cards, even BEFORE we ever thought about leaving the EU:

Leaked EU document shows Brexit 'punishment plan'

Theresa May's chief Brexit tormentor, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has stepped up his pressure on the Prime Minister after claims the EU plans to punish the UK during a transition period.

According to an incendiary threat contained in a leaked Brussels document, the EU wants the power to restrict the UK's access to the single market during a transition period and impose big trade tariffs.
The five-page document is a draft treaty circulated in advance of EU chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier's whistle-stop tour of all the 27 remaining EU countries.
But Mr Rees-Mogg, speaking on the eve of the first of two crucial meetings of the so-called 'Brexit war cabinet' of senior ministers, told Sky News: "It's not something we could accept."
And Brexit campaigners claimed that if the EU refused to back down on its latest threat, then Brexit Secretary David Davis should walk away from negotiations and insist on a "no-deal" Brexit.
Even pro-Remain MPs hit out at the proposal, with leading Labour MP Chuka Umunna claiming a transition period was beginning to look "less like building a bridge and more like being made to walk the plank".

However, the Government dismissed the document as a "draft" and highlighted how Mr Davis had set out the UK's own negotiating objectives for a transition period in a recent speech.

Mr Rees-Mogg, the darling of the Tory right and favourite with party activists to replace Mrs May, was speaking after a meeting of the secretive European Research Group (ERG) of hardline Brexiteer Conservative MPs.

He hit out after pro-Remain Tory MP Anna Soubry threatened to quit the Tories, claimed Mrs May was "in hock to these 35 hard Brexiteers" led by Mr Rees-Mogg, and called for them to be "slung out" of the Conservative Party.

Significantly, the meeting of the ERG - described as the Tories' Momentum - was attended by 33 Tory MPs and peers, close to the number suggested by Ms Soubry.

Among the MPs present at the meeting, held behind closed doors, were former Cabinet ministers Iain Duncan Smith and Priti Patel, former minister John Hayes and hardline Brexiteer Andrew Bridgen.

According to the Reuters news agency, the "punishment" plan is contained in a footnote of the legal text prepared by the European Commission on the two-year transition period after Brexit.

It proposes restrictions on single market benefits as a remedy if the Commission determines it would take too long to take Britain to the EU's court to settle a dispute.

"The Governance and Dispute Settlement Part of the Withdrawal Agreement should provide for a mechanism allowing the Union to suspend certain benefits deriving for the UK from participation in the internal market where it considers that referring the matter to Court of Justice of the EU would not bring in appropriate time the necessary remedies," the footnote says.

The draft legal text, which has yet to be approved by EU governments, will be part of the withdrawal treaty that will regulate the terms of divorce between Britain and the EU and the rules for the transition period after Brexit.

Link to full article:

Mrs May, walk away NOW, and break all ties. We'll survive!


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