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Michael Doherty-Uk Police Corruption

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Michael Doherty-Uk Police Corruption

Post by willowthewisp on 22.09.17 14:45

I do not know if people are aware of Mr Michael Doherty and the allegations of child abuse that he made to various UK Police forces of his Daughter being Groomed online in 2008.
when Mr Doherty tried to use his rights as a Father to have the Police investigate his case,was refused by Police Officers,where Mr Doherty and his accomplace had filmed the Polices response is quite unbelievable,watch the episodes on Youtube?
Mr Doherty had brought a"Private Prosecution"against a Former Head of the IPCC of"Misconduct in Public Office"the CPS became embroiled in a situation they couldn't control,stating they wouldn't be getting involved then changing their mind half way through the Prosecution case,where they would now become involved?
The Former IPCC Head had to sight how the Case had seriously effected her Mental Health of the Private Prosecution against her,yet Not mention of the"full long arm of the law"against Mr Doherty on his Human rights in the case?
No wonder the Country is in the state it is in if this is how the Police treat Legitimate complaints?
Mr Doherty's case and the treatment of Ian Puddick are clear examples of UK Police forces are so Corrupt and that the IPCC needs to be disbanded as soon as possible,to prevent further breaches by the Police?


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