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You Reap what ye Sow

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You Reap what ye Sow

Post by willowthewisp on 11.09.17 15:36

It has been over Ten years since Madeleine McCann was reported missing by her Parents Kate,Gerry from the Holiday Apartment 5a Ocean club at 22.00hr 3 May 2007.
The Tapas 7/9 group of loyal friends had made a decision from the above date,chose Loyalty,rather than to participate in a reconstruction of their where about's on the evening in question?
Clarence Mitchell was present at a chosen golf club event in the late summer of 2007 and stated to the press,"that it was just a group of friends who were meeting up after their last holiday together",all of this you understand,was taken in the context that Arquidos were not to discus their case?
The Tapas 7/9 have been awarded compensation£650,000 donated to the"Find Madeleine Fund" from UK News Papers in the High Courts of defamation of their character in response to the News Paper headlines.
It is in the record files from Portugal that each one of these persons wrote to the Portugal PJ,that they would Not present themselves to a"Reconstruction by the Portugal PJ"to further the Investigation process,a bit like not answering 48 questions,but chose to answer one question,"That she understood,by Not answering the questions it could jeopardise her daughters safety" answer,Yes?
The Same Tapas 7/9 have chosen to take part in Dave Edgars masterpiece and the Crime Watch programmes,Now why would you do that,but not help the Portugal Police Force to ascertain your friends daughter,Madeleine McCann?

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