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Hillsborough: Perverting the course of justice - compare and contrast

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Hillsborough: Perverting the course of justice - compare and contrast

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 06.09.17 17:38
Families of Hillsborough disaster's 96 victims arrive at court
Ex-police chief Sir Norman Bettison (pictured), officers Donald Denton, 79, and Alan Foster, 70, club secretary Graham Mackrell, 67, and solicitor Peter Metcalf, 67, are in court at Preston.
Former West Yorkshire and Merseyside chief constable Sir Norman Bettison, 61, is the highest profile suspect in the dock for alleged lies following the tragedy.
Bettison, who was a chief inspector in South Yorkshire Police at the time of the tragedy, is charged with four offences of misconduct in a public office over alleged lies in accounts of his involvement in the disaster.

Mackrell, who was the safety officer for the football club, is charged with two offences involving the stadium safety certificate and a health and safety offence.

Denton, Foster and Metcalf are each charged with two offences of doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of justice relating to amendments made to police officers' statements following the tragedy.

compare and contrast . . .

 Despite what he said in his previous statements, [making it clear this was not a translation error, or a misunderstanding - both of which he might have got away with]  he states now and with certainty, that he left with KATE by the rear door which he consequently closed but did not lock given that that is only possible from the inside.

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Re: Hillsborough: Perverting the course of justice - compare and contrast

Post by skyrocket on 07.09.17 8:01

28 years of persistence has got the Hillsborough families to where they are today. They knew the truth in 1989.

The initial inquiry was a complete whitewash.

The Independent Panel set up in 2010 finally got their hands on the incriminating documents.

Whether the amount of incriminating material ever released after incidents is directly proportional to how high the cover up goes, might be the question. Hillsborough is stopping at the Chief Constable.

The bizarre thing with the McCann case is that, as @GeG indicated above, the evidence of statement irregularities is blatantly obvious and in plain sight and still ignored by those who should/could act.

I wonder whether the Portuguese system will ever allow for release/access to the rest of the documents they hold? Has anyone ever asked them for them!?

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