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Metropolitan Police Service-Operation Grange,Fernbridge,not connected to Operations Midland,Ore?

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Metropolitan Police Service-Operation Grange,Fernbridge,not connected to Operations Midland,Ore?

Post by willowthewisp on 03.09.17 14:29

hi to the Moderators,with due respect,but if the same Metropolitan Police Service investigating the different Operations are to be treated as"Singular"Operations,much as the UK Police force would wish?
so why do the Police Force in the UK,then state that these Operations are involved in tracking the"Perpetrators of these Crimes,No matter what there cost"Yet some are entwhined covering the nature of the Crimes Committed,eg (BBC,JS and co),Haute De La Grange,Jersey,Operation Midland and Ore,(Politicians,Dunblane)IICSA covering fifty to Sixty more years of potential systematic child abuse,which cover a wide spectrum of people,some are dead and some may not prosecuted due to their age or health,but they may still be connected to the all of the Investigations? 
As the Police keep reminding the CMMoM members,"Its that Final Piece of the Jigsaw,that fits it all together"?
But the $64,000 is,what if the Establishment has systematically chosen to turn a very Blind eye to the Events,then who are the guilty parties,the perpetrators of these vile acts or the facilitators who allow the acts to continue,two headed snake syndrome,which do you cut off or Both?
Do not forget Madeleine McCann's case was Investigated by the Metropolitan Police Service in 2007/08 to see if there was any links to European Paedophile rings Marc Dutroix,which came back as Non Found connection?
during the Marc Dutroix Trial, the Elite Royal Connections tried to have the Trial heard behind closed sessions and numerous witnesses met with untimely deaths to prevent disclosure of how many persons had become involved of the"Trafficking of children"?
Isn't it like saying I cannot see something,So it mustn't exist,the Eye of the beholder,turn a Blind one?



The two topics are not directly connected.  As far as possible,  admin/mods like to maintain a well organised easy to follow forum for the benefit of members and guests alike, that task is not helped if members persist by going off-topic. 

You might like to consider starting a new  thread to cover the subject of global child abuse and the part played by the British establishment.   Perhaps in the Members Lounge if you wish to continue potentially libelous comments about specific people.

CMOMM is watched very closely 24/7, one foot out of line and they will be down on the forum like a ton of bricks.  Let's not allow that to happen just for the sake of a few ill chosen words.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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UK police Forces

Post by willowthewisp on 03.09.17 23:50

To the moderators,I do not believe that I have made Libelous comments,but  if you take offence to how certain events seem to be less than a desirable standard in practices of Law & Order,then perhaps,Guilty as Charged.
Then what is being stated is there is "No Free Speech" a bit like you see over the demise of Mrs Brenda Leyland and the dossier,if it offends you i will desist from posting on the site and you can delete all subjects from your files,Adios


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