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Daniel Hirst,exposing child sex offenders?

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Daniel Hirst,exposing child sex offenders?

Post by willowthewisp on 28.08.17 17:43

First and foremost what I would state is,"Innocent until Proved guilty"still remains part of the UK Courts duties?
It is now being proven that people are using Apps or what ever devices to facilitate an initial meeting of minds?
Are we now at a stage of,"The Thought Police Techniques" who have to look at extremely closely,to decide to proceed with a case?
People,as I am sure that it must be made aware to any persons,that the Laws of the Country you are resounding in must be Obeyed? 
There is No doubt that Mr Daniel Hirst maybe successful in this type of Undercover reporting,but it sails pretty much close to Entrapment techique,used in America that perhaps for the Safety of all parties that it would best left to the Police to deal with the "Offences"they are likely to be Committing?
The" Unmasking" of the perpetrators is just the start of any Police Investigations and that during these procedures,Person's"caught on camera" are not always found Guilty in a Court of Law,for whatever reason!

I state this in reference to"Operation Ore",that included a certain Mr Jim Gamble,who had unduly,unmasked persons thought to be linked to Paedophile activities,who then had committed suicide,then found Not guilty to these depraved acts at the behest of exposed as a paedophile?
Alexis Jay is some years off finding out the Truth of the IICSA and as has been highlighted on a few occasions the proverbial Police may have taken more than one eye of the ball,with regard to child Abuse linkage to Care Homes etc?


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