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Jane Tanner didn't leave the table that night - Joseph Moura

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Re: Jane Tanner didn't leave the table that night - Joseph Moura

Post by lj on 25.09.13 15:10

@jeanmonroe wrote:Truthandjustice wrote:
"Perhaps she based her description on what she saw, just changing the timing and adding in Jez W after she heard Gerry relate that meeting upon returning to the Tapas table. That would explain them not seeing her and the disagreement about side of the road etc"

Page 886
Portimao Criminal Investigation Department
On this date, I attached to these official papers 3 computer printed pages, relating to the description of the events, that have been COLLECTIVELY PREPARED by the NINE PEOPLE OF THE GROUP in question, that was delivered to this Police Officer by the British Liaison Official, before the start of re-questioning of those same people.
Portimao, 10 May 2007

2115: JT leaves table, and SEES GM talking with fellow resident ("Jez" Wilkins) OUTSIDE the patio gate of 5A. The two were standing just up the hill from the gate towards Rua A. da Silva Road. She did not speak to GM as she passed.

[3 page attachment] Pages 887-890
Original written in English.
Sequence of Events: Thursday 3rd May 2007 - 2030 to 2200

Gerry McCann - 5A
Kate McCann - 5A
David Payne - 5H (First floor)
Fiona Payne - 5H (First floor)
Dianne Webster - 5H (First floor)
Jane Tanner - 5D
Russell O'Brien - 5D
Matthew Oldfield - 5B
Rachael Oldfield - 5B
Thanbk God, at least we don't have to fear any discrepancies here.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Re: Jane Tanner didn't leave the table that night - Joseph Moura

Post by jeanmonroe on 25.09.13 15:23


What the collectively written, both McCanns imput included, T9 typed 'timeline' DOES is........BLOW AN EFFING GREAT HOLE in GM's 'claim' to have 'crossed the road' to speak with JW!
The 'alibi' for Gerry not 'seeing' JT as she walked passed the gateway to 5A on the OTHER side of the road to him!

Even though he has been on the Oprah show SAYING it! (with waving arm 'actions' to emphasise the point)
Even though in the two bewks KM has 'written', and she goes to great lengths to 'describe' in detail how 'gerry CROSSED the road to speak with Wilkins'

But their very OWN 'prepared' typed timeline, BETRAYS them, and definitively puts Gerry standing outside the patio gate to 5A!

WHERE, when JT leaves table, she SEES GM talking with fellow resident ("Jez" Wilkins) OUTSIDE the patio gate of 5A.!

I wonder why DE tried to place Gerry on the other side of the road to where he and Kate have collaborated in producing a timeline that puts him, beyond doubt, standing right next to the gateway to apartment 5A?
Edgar had access to that type written timeline but sought to place Gerry totally AWAY from the gateway to 5A.
Is that classed as 'altering' evidence?
Nah, surely the only PROFESSIONAL investigator wouldn't possibly do that, would he?
And being an EX policeman as well!
He would know the seriousness of altering witnesses statements, wouldn't he?


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Re: Jane Tanner didn't leave the table that night - Joseph Moura

Post by Cristobell on 25.09.13 15:41

@Praiaaa wrote:
@russiandoll wrote: Yet I still believe that the crux of the matter is simple, and all that followed is a fabricated maze to conceal it.
Me too. I remember on the Mirror Forum and 3As there were all sorts of outlandish conspiracy theories, eg cloning, Comare, GM being in on the know re Diana etc.... but I have always believed it was simple, and an accident, a panic coverup ( GM only one generation from Glasgow tenements, boy made good etc) to save their careers, and the T7 then found themselves in an inextricable web of lies. Banal, mundane, not a global conspiracy. And the papers wanted to sell papers - RB & co far cleverer  than GM & Co  - just used them and cleverly worked GM vanity. Clarrie a careerist, and the Gvt, lazy, not really interested anyway, just not properly reading the brief and happy to go  with the NOTW and Voxpop.
Totally agree Praiaa!  Very well said.  I too think it turned into a runaway train and when they saw the cash stacking up in the non transparent Fund, they carried on.  

To go a little further though, people do not suddenly turn into monsters.  There must have been a lot of deceit, fantasy, etc, BEFORE the tragedy. A tragedy will not change a person's character, it is what it is.  On the evening of May 3rd they were able to carry out a series of planned activities such having dinner in a public place without exhibiting any unusual behaviour.  Thats pretty devious, and its not something you learn in a night.  My younger son has the endearing quality of not being able to tell a lie.  From the moment he was able to babble 'I've got a secret' - his older brother and I, knew it would take us less than 30 seconds to get it out of him.  He's never changed, and I say that with a smile.  

What I am trying to say, albeit not very well, is that characters are established by 5.  I have no idea what is at the root of this case, but like yourself Praiaa, I go along with the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) school of thought - and of course the dogs!


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Re: Jane Tanner didn't leave the table that night - Joseph Moura

Post by Guest on 25.09.13 16:44

Both written timelines of May 3 [sticker book covers] mention that Jane "sees stranger & child" and "sees stranger walking carrying a child". IF Gerry was indeed the one seen by the Smiths, they must have realised the importance of someone seeing an "abductor" at another [earlier] time. The spanner in the works is, of course, that Jane claimed she never mentioned it for a couple of hours, as she didn't want to upset Kate. And secondary, that they made an own goal by limiting the "window of opportunity" to a couple of minutes ... After that it was just "Dweilen met de kraan open", literally translated as "Mopping up the floor whilst the tap's still running". According to my dictionary in English: 'Banging their heads against a brick wall", which is very visual too big grin

ETA IMO Jane insists too much that she didn't like Gerry. Also IMO it's the contrary.

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Post by aniandr on 25.09.13 20:03

If not looking at the written timeline but only at the statements from others outside the group, ie. the bartenderes and others not in the group - what would the timeline look like?


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