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Venezuela,hope you are able to Overthrow the New Government?

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Venezuela,hope you are able to Overthrow the New Government?

Post by willowthewisp on 31.07.17 17:26

When you have a Country,Venezuela having a huge commodity of reserves of Oil and you have the Bilderberg clan sitting in Government in North America Imperialism(Trump by name,Trump by nature) No wonder he has a Warm feeling,dictating to South American people of who they should elect,by re-wrighting Democracy?
Chavez wrote the New Constitution for Venezuelan people to choose a Government based on Democracy,now Maudoro is openly abusing the system to form a New Government,with help from North America(Republicans)Oil barons?
Empowering their friends into office,to usurp the Will of the South American people,sound more like a dictator, than Democracy,hey but that's Donald Trump for yer,now where my Twitter account,who's next on the list?


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