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PR Firm Bell Pottinger,Jacob Zuma,doctoring Wikipedia pages

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PR Firm Bell Pottinger,Jacob Zuma,doctoring Wikipedia pages

Post by willowthewisp on 21.07.17 15:37

PR firm Bell Pottinger once again in the Headlines over their role in false statements on Wikipedia and a Indian family with close links to Jacob Zuma,now claim they were unaware of the practices being carried out by it's employees working for the Company?
Would this be the same Bell Pottinger with connections to John Major and £500,000 pound to keep a certain family on the front pages of the Red Tops,Leveson Inquiry?
Was Bell Pottinger also involved with Brian Smethurst amid claims of involvement of the Oil,Mining,Nuclear Industry being investigated by MP's over Compensation to South African Workers Injuries,Deaths,with close links to Carter Ruck?
Losing a bit of the Gloss from it's PR image now Bell Pottinger,who where suddenly called to Portugal one week before Madeleine McCann reported missing from her Holiday apartment on behalf of Mark Warner prior to week commencing 28 April 2007?


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