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Viewers of Richard Hall’s Madeleine films react to a daft YouTube video about Madeleine McCann by ‘Brain Scratch’ Mm11

Viewers of Richard Hall’s Madeleine films react to a daft YouTube video about Madeleine McCann by ‘Brain Scratch’ Regist10

Viewers of Richard Hall’s Madeleine films react to a daft YouTube video about Madeleine McCann by ‘Brain Scratch’

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Viewers of Richard Hall’s Madeleine films react to a daft YouTube video about Madeleine McCann by ‘Brain Scratch’ Empty Viewers of Richard Hall’s Madeleine films react to a daft YouTube video about Madeleine McCann by ‘Brain Scratch’

Post by Jill Havern on Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:44 am

Viewers of Richard Hall’s Madeleine films react to a daft YouTube video about Madeleine McCann by ‘Brain Scratch’
Lordan ARTS’ (also ‘John’) is the name of an American commentator on YouTube who comments on stories in the mainstream media.

On 26 April, just before the 10th anniversary of Madeleine being reported missing, he put out this video : 
with the title: “Madeleine McCann Update on BrainScratch Searchlight 4/26/2017”

The video has had 18,000+ views in the past three months. Anyone familiar with the details of the case will instantly see what a very ignorant video this is. He refers to the recent Australian TV programme. He says that the only possible theory is abduction. He ridicules Goncalo Amaral and speaks about a book of his ‘coming out’, apparently unaware that Amaral’s book came out about nine years ago. He also refers to Goncalo Amaral’s latest theory that MI5 were involved in the cover-up of Madeleine’s death - and scoffs at it. He ridicules the idea of Madeleine dying in an accident on the evening of 3rd May and then ringing up MI5 for emergency assistance.

What is very interesting is to look at the published comments in response to this video. Many comments refer him to Richard Hall’s five Madeleine videos (List of them here for reference:
1. True Story of Madeleine McCann -
2. The Phantoms -
3. When Madeleine Died? -
4. McCanns’ Embedded Confessions -
5. Madeleine: Why The Cover-Up? - )

The following are comments about Richard Hall’s films made just on the first page of comments on this film.
Looking at this list makes us appreciate just what Richard has achieved for us all: at great risk to himself, he has set out in great detail the evidential case that Madeleine died in Praia da Luz, that she died earlier in the week, that the abduction hoax was probably carefully planned for 3 to 4 days beforehand, and that MI5 were actively involved in the cover-up, just as Goncalo Amaral is reported as saying on the Australian TV show.
Despite this, far too many people supposedly on the side of truth have dismissed his work as ‘conspiracy theory’, ‘useless speculation’, ‘the work of a charlatan’ and so on.
Millions have now viewed Richard’s films, and the comments below give an idea both of the ‘reach’ of his films, and their power and influence. Here are just some of the comments:

Barbara Dahlia Gordon 2 months ago
Watch Richard Hall's documentary called Madeleine McCann: Buried by the Mainstream Media. You will never look at the parents in the same way again. I'm sorry, but they were involved.

Amethystwyvern 2 months ago
You gotta be kidding me if you think the parents are not responsible. You need to watch all of Richard D Hall's documentaries.

Saskia Lawler 1 week ago
He should also watch criminal profiler Pat Brown's case analysis. As she points out, there is not one shred of evidence to suggest that Madeleine was even abducted. There's more proof that points towards the fact that she died in the apartment and her body was concealed. This woman knows what she's talking about. She's an expert.

Hamish Spencer 2 months ago (edited)
John, you have the wrong end of the stick on this I fear old chap. I feel your pain and the answer is more research. Richard D Hall is your saviour in all this, I promise. Goncalo Amaral is a very honourable man. He believes what he says and it is backed by evidence - in stark contrast to the McCanns version of events. The 'neglect' story is subterfuge created by Clarence Mitchell. Rape alarm will turn out to be another Mitchell lie. The answer to Mi5 is easy - Murat. Please see the exhaustive and independent works of Richard D Hall. Please. He has over 14 feature length films on the case that he distributes royalty free - he encourages its re-use and makes no money from it. A truly decent and honest broker in this mess.

Jo A 2 months ago
Please please please John (and anyone else reading this!) watch Richard D Halls documentaries on this. He has several now. Stick with them (theyre very lengthy!) and dig a bit deeper! Can't stress it enough!

Pete S 2 months ago
LordanARTS really sad, i have just come across your videos and already regrettably determined you are a shill. There is simply no way that any educated person who in 2 yrs of covering this, would NOT have come across Richard D Hall's videos - simply nonsensical - if you did, you would never even bother mention (let alone provide links) to absolute junk articles, those who have studied the material are fully aware that a specific someone basically can feed any stories into the media'. Essentially all you have done here is just blow smoke for absolutely no reason. One has to consider you as being either extremely extremely naive or as said, sadly a dupe…To not know or acknowledge Rich D Hall in itself suggests you either do not wish to go there, or you have searched the internet and yet no found his dozens of videos on the subject matter... laughable. The only theory which is never had any remote proof is abduction - no proof at all, and yet you keep talking like its the main point - using the nanny - if you did your homework - (which you CLEARLY haven't) you will know her written statements at the time are in direct conflict with new information, not to mention she is close friends with the parents, cmon this is embarrassing…

Amethystwyvern 2 months ago
You needed to dig deeper here John. You're taking the story at face value.

Giles Hellier 2 months ago (edited)
From my perspective, no disrespect, but the media have been 100% on the parent's side since day 1. Not even a slight suspicion. We hear the parents yaying or naying theories INSTEAD of the police. The McCanns are running the show. Even questioning them can get you sued. - I'm sorry, but this all points towards the fact that they did it. Kate McCann dismissed the cadaver dogs like they were something trivial, like they were "silly dogs jumping around and having a sniff" - when a TRULY innocent parent would have reacted like "huh...? They smelled a cadaver RIGHT HERE??" - but Kate wasn't like that, she was 100% certain that the dogs were a ridiculous part of the investigation. And as I said, we heard HER discrediting those dogs, not the police. The McCanns ARE running the show.

Giles Hellier 2 months ago
If they were truly innocent, they've gone about it the wrong way. Turning themselves into media stars and lawsuit-throwing maniacs, how can we call them victims when they're always the attackers? I do believe they killed her, but I don't believe it was deliberate (the sleeping-drugs theory seems most plausable to me, the doped their children up to drink wine) but it's everything after that infuriates me, their attitudes are what is most incriminating about them.

jiam lee 2 months ago
Hello John, As so many others - please view Richard Hall's extensive work on this case. If you disagree with his conclusions would be great to hear your comments/analysis. Very best wishes.

leanne lovesmusic 2 months ago
Also if you've not seen it look up 'Peter Haytt' statement analyst. It's very interesting... I feel (John?) has not looked enough into this and its more than likely a good guy and won't let his mind slip pass any others thoughts, as he's pretty much been programmed to do! I was too.. Even though I doubted the story from the start - I couldn't voice it, it was almost like too P.C to mention. If you weren't supporting them, you'd be shut down in conversation mid speech, as if in bad taste!!! Nothing should be off limits when it comes to conversations?? Even the people I speak to about my finding/thoughts on this matter, 10 years on even, and, I still see the same eye rolling, or feel the "Yeah, she's a little bit mad" look... Or " It's a bit deep /dark to discuss" The power of the media is that strong! The best of it is... The newspaper reading nation, thinks that they are the sane ones…

Alfred Miller 2 months ago
Richard D Hall has done extensive research on this. His theory is extremely plausible. He has no. agenda other than seeking the truth.

Hamish Spencer 2 months ago
Honestly, if you haven't watched Richard D Hall, there is little point commenting on the case.

Elaine Bines 2 months ago
i would like my donated money back - it was to find Madeleine - whatever course that took - not for the parents to libel anybody who gets close to the truth

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Viewers of Richard Hall’s Madeleine films react to a daft YouTube video about Madeleine McCann by ‘Brain Scratch’ Empty Re: Viewers of Richard Hall’s Madeleine films react to a daft YouTube video about Madeleine McCann by ‘Brain Scratch’

Post by Verdi on Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:29 pm

Two minutes in and I was dropping-awf coffee .

At the beginning he says 'too many people are trying to capitalize on this case' - hmmmm!?!

Goncalo Amaral, Richard D Hall, PeterMac, CMoMM beavers and members and guests are NOT trying to capitalize on this case.  They are trying to uncover the truth behind Madeleine McCann's alleged disappearance, all free gratis and for nothing.  What's your excuse Mr Brain Scratcher?

Get yer facts right mate!

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