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Face book,Shame of Ireland?

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Face book,Shame of Ireland?

Post by willowthewisp on 24.04.17 18:40

I have just read an article,about a Former Industrial School in Limerick,Glin Industrial School.

A Former resident who was incarcerated into this Institution at the age of Three and most residents stayed there until Sixteen Years of Age,most residents suffered some form of abuse,during their enrolment to the school environment?
Mr Tom Wall was ordered to shred the files when the School was closed in 1973,but Mr Wall managed to retain the files and wished for them to be put out for Public display!
The"Christian Brothers"who were responsible for the Industrial School,day to day running,found out that Mr Wall had documents dating from 1880-1950 and people who may still be alive today,identifying relatives letters that were left in the school archives unread by the recipients they were meant for?
I Wonder if this same"Christian Brotherhood" has relations to the Bindoon School in Australia,also run by "Christian Brotherhood" from the film Oranges and Lemons?
Upon learning of Mr Wall's documents the"Christian Brotherhood" have fought to have the documents retained in a different environment than Mr Wall has proposed,wonder why?


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Re: Face book,Shame of Ireland?

Post by Phoebe on 24.04.17 21:01

Don't start me on cover-ups in this country! Since 1999 when the late, brave journalist Mary Rafferty went out on a limb to make "Dear Daughter" which exposed the horrific abuse at Goldenbridge orphanage/industrial school (a program the national broadcaster would not air) we have had scandal after scandal, tribunals of inquiry, and it is far from over. Anyone who thinks the powerful and the political elite could not have police and media as puppets only needs to check what has emerged in our history of late, and the scandals and attempted cover-ups continue still.

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