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At least TWO MORE MADELEINE DOCUMENTARIES ANNOUNCED >>> TV3 next Tuesday (25th Apr) and SKY NEWS the following Tuesday (2nd May)

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At least TWO MORE MADELEINE DOCUMENTARIES ANNOUNCED >>> TV3 next Tuesday (25th Apr) and SKY NEWS the following Tuesday (2nd May)

Post by Tony Bennett on 21.04.17 18:35

The first of the two looks like being an updated re-run of the absurd 2014 programme by Channel 5, 'The McCanns and the Conman, which admitted that Kevin Halligen was a bit of a rogue, but maintained that ex-MI5 Head of Covert Intelligence, Henri Exton (who lives in Bury, Lancashire, just down the road from Senior Freemason and the McCanns' Co-ordinating Solicitor, Edward Smethurst), was the genuine article, a dedicated investigator, whose work brought real benefit to Operation Grange. So Henri Exton, the man behind the efits of two different-looking men, may be portrayed as the hero of the hour. The McCann Team called their mock investigation 'Operation Omega'. 

The TV3 folk couldn't even spell 'Madeleine' correctly, I've had to it correct it for them.

Anyway, no doubt the top brass at the Metropolitan Police, the bosses of MI5 and the government have all approved both these documentaries in advance...   


Madeleine McCann: 10 Years Missing (Documentary)
Starting: 21:00 on Tuesday 25th April. Duration: 1 hour
Showing on TV3.
[find out more on this programme from the DigiGuide Library]

Nearly 10 years since she vanished from her Portuguese holiday flat, Madeleine McCann is still missing with no explanation. This gripping special exposes the truth behind the private investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. With unprecedented access, this documentary looks at Operation Omega, the secret search to find missing child Madeleine McCann in 2008. Following the investigation set up by security consultant Kevin Halligen, this one-off documentary has exclusive interviews, including ex-MI5 undercover operatives, the FBI and ex-military personnel. As the investigation went on, it transpired that Kevin Halligen was not a spy but one of the world's most audacious conmen. Despite this, significant information and leads uncovered from Operation Omega have gone on to form part of the current Scotland Yard inquiry to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.

Sky News Documentary: Madeleine McCann (Documentary)
Starting: 22:00 on Tuesday 2nd May. Duration: 1 hour
Showing on Sky1.
[find out more on this programme from the DigiGuide Library]


I see that we once had ALPHA Investigations Group..

...and now we have Operation OMEGA.

Are they having a laugh or something?

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty".

- Revelation Ch 1 v 8


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Re: At least TWO MORE MADELEINE DOCUMENTARIES ANNOUNCED >>> TV3 next Tuesday (25th Apr) and SKY NEWS the following Tuesday (2nd May)

Post by Ray_Sneek on 21.04.17 18:54

I wonder if these two documentaries will have quite such an impact on the public mind as Richard Hall's latest offering seems to be having.  

I spotted this, from someone called Jamie Lynch, the other day:

Jamie Lynch  
There are unfortunately a hell of a lot of comments on here made by people who have obviously done no research into this case and have simply bought into what mainstream media have shoved down their throats. I encourage anyone to not believe what the papers and TV tell you about it and watch Richard D Hall's documentaries on it, read the Gaspar statements and the Goncalo Amaral documentary as well just to name a few. I assure you if you're still of the opinion those vile scumbags are innocent and don't know what happened to Maddie, you'll have changed your mind by the end of it.
251 · 18 April at 23:41
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Vonni Brit Watkins
Vonni Brit Watkins

Jamie I just spent 3 hours watching those documentaries. I have now changed my opinions . I really think foul play is here in abundance.
49 · Yesterday at 04:33

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