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Kelvin Mckenzie suspended

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Kelvin Mckenzie suspended

Post by willowthewisp on 15.04.17 17:15

Having read the personal attack and remarks directed at Mr Barclay from Kelvin McKenzie,this just shows the low level of contempt he has for people who come from a quite different background to what Mr McKenzie aspires from?
Mr Joe Anderson and Mr William Kenwright have behaved with restraint and have showed a much better decorum in the way Kelvin McKenzie has tried to bring down the people from Liverpool,being associated to Drug taking and thuggery and Animal behaviour,then of also not being well educated?  This just shows how an Education has failed you Mr McKenzie!!?
Quite why the Football Association have chosen not to Comment on these racist remarks made about Mr Barclay and his immediate family,by Mr McKenzie in the S*um News Paper,would that be due to who sponsors the"Premier League,so much for the beautiful Game,eh Kelvin!?
This story can only have been released to create"Provocation" to the People of Merseyside and the relatives on the anniversary of Hillsborough from Twenty Eight years ago?


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Re: Kelvin Mckenzie suspended

Post by plebgate on 15.04.17 19:44

I think he should be sacked from the reports I have read online.

I think he sometimes makes some valid points on some issues but it does seems as though he has gone too far this time.

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